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2011 Fantasy League Riders List

2011 Fantasy League Riders List

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The super duper Dirt Fantasy League will be kicking off soon and will be a perfect appendage to this years Downhill World Cup tournament.

While I have been sunning myself on the beaches of Barry Island, I’ve asked our cleaner, Maureen, to compile the list of runners and riders (since she likes to get involved and all that).

Check the list below that Mo has collated and let me know in the comments if there’s any glaring omissions.

We are limited to about 60/70 male riders so plainly can’t include everybody, but as I say, let us know and I’ll get Maureen to switch the Hoover off for a minute, put down the duster and amend the list.

(If you select the “show entries box” to 100 you should see them all)

[table id=31 /]

  1. Aaron

    What happened to Shirley? Torrid love affair Billy?

  2. NickH

    am i going nuts, or is Gee Atherton missing?!

  3. billy

    Shirley is history, I don’t like to talk about it much, it upsets Maureen.

  4. billy

    NickH you are nuts, Gee is top of the heap.

  5. Rod Kimble

    connor fearon

  6. RAB

    Lorenzo Suding. Italys no 1.

  7. Rod Kimble

    Also isnt Jared Graves doing selected world cup DH this season as well?

  8. Rod Kimble

    Jess Stone

  9. Andy D

    I second Connor Fearon…looks fast pre season

  10. Tim Lake

    Uk Riders like Alex Bond, Rich Thomas, Emyr Davies, Neil Donoghue should all be in there!

  11. Tim Lake

    And a few of the Uk juniors too. Fraser McGlone, Dan Sheridan, Chris McGlinchey.

  12. Rod Kimble

    The Don is awesome, but does he even have an points at the moment?

  13. Rod Kimble

    Mitch Ropelato, Rhys Willemse

  14. Daire

    @Billy will prices be released before it starts too?

  15. Dan

    @Daire that would make sense wouldnt it…

  16. james

    @tim lake is neil donoghue doing the wc’s this year……AND dan sheridan is from dublin in ireland and christopher mcglinchey is from belfast in northern ireland

  17. thedon

    harry molloy

  18. Daire

    @Dan as in before they start taking submissions of peoples teams so we have a while to plan

  19. NickH

    Hmmm ok Billy – I’m gonna put it down to a bug in the list, cos the up/downy sorting arrows weren’t there when i looked before either.

    I’m not nuts… so the voices in my head tell me anyway

  20. joe

    harry molloy, jess stone, jack reading, connor fearon

  21. Barry

    Rhys Willemse

  22. José

    Emanuel Pombo from Portugal did very well at some races last year, a couple top 50s if I’m not mistaken and 36th at year end UCI rankings

  23. Dave

    Jess stone fo sho.

  24. Dezz

    What about Jill Kintner nag Claire Bucharest on the ladies front!

  25. bobon

    your missing Jared Graves hes racing DH instead of 4X this year so i heard

  26. erik

    connor fearon, mitch ropelato

  27. ChrisM

    Emilie Siegenthaler

  28. Coop

    @bobon You are a year early on the Graves front.

  29. johnholmes

    when did Joss Stone put down the mic and start piloting bikes down mountains??

  30. mattwalker83

    Jill Kinter! Jill’s got some form coming into this season!

  31. Hampson

    Tom Braithwaite and Jack reading should be in there no question, but im not sure if they are doing the world cups or the euro or canada cups?? But if they are racing the WC they should be on the list.

  32. rw

    get wee fraser maglone in there hes a pinner

  33. Mike

    How will the points be done if you pick a junior rider? is it done on overall times?

  34. billy

    Points, including the Juniors, will be calculated on the overall, as per the UCI system.

  35. Paul

    hello chaps, when can I enter? Miss out last year and I’m itching to have a crack this year..

  36. billy

    @Paul, we’ll let you all know as soon as the machine is open…so keep your eyes and potatoes peeled.

  37. OoBi

    Thirion Remy !!

  38. josh keene

    bernerd ker!!!come on!

  39. DGR

    jill kintner?!

  40. just watchin

    fionn griffiths


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