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2010 World Cup Re-Cap

2010 World Cup Re-Cap

James Renwick James Renwick

It’s been a funny old season with the likes of Sam Hill, Fabien Barel, Rachel and Dan Atherton all taking some mighty big knocks, not to mention the torrential rain and gnarly terrain of this year’s World Cup tracks. I can barely believe that it’s almost over. Almost.

For those that have forgotten, or just fancy an excuse to watch the highlights that have happened, here’s the best bits from the five rounds that have been so far.

As for the 2010 World Cup Champion, it all hangs in the balance…

World Cup RD #1 Maribor.
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World Cup RD #2 Fort William.
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World Cup RD #3 Leogang.
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World Cup #4 Champery
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World Cup #5 Val di Sole
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World Cup #6 Windham


  1. Pedro

    Hi guys

    Any help with the codecs used on this site, can’t get the vids to work. Flash is fully updated and all other streaming sites work. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Also

    The sounds now always out of sync?
    Not that I like to moan about great free vids, thanks dirt.

  3. Alpha

    Yes G-Man!
    Come and get the overall in Windham!
    Kickin Gregs ass..

  4. Leads_rider

    Hah! Gee is a choke artist.


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