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DirtTV World Champs Track walk.

DirtTV World Champs Track walk.

The Parkin’s have been up the track in PMB to bring you the low down on the Worlds course.┬áIt’s looking dry and dusty in South Africa at the moment but there may be some rain on the way which wouldn’t hurt the dusty surface.

There’s a lot of talk about who is going to win as always but this year it seems wheel size and bike type are adding some fuel to the fire. Graves is on his SB66 pretty much setup like his Enduro bike just with a 180mm fork and Saint rather than XTR cranks. Whilst team mate Troy Brosnan is riding his DH machine Mitch Ropelato is another rider taking a different approach. He’s riding a 29er with an air can out back and big trail fork in the front.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in practice and timed training this week and if anyone is going to switch things up.

  1. Fanboy

    Haters gonna hate but PMB has always given us damn exciting racing – can’t wait til Sunday. Minnnaar sounding a bit stressed under the pressure?

    Sick Mick for the win!

  2. Zachary Smith

    Good Vid. Big Korn Bites! I’d say there is loads of pressure on Minnaar. He seems adept as handling it though. Yeah the racing in PMB has always been pretty good!

  3. Steve

    My moneys on Graves on his SB, he’s been riding more technical stuff in the Enduro world series than this on that bike, keeping the power down for the full track aint gonna be hard for him and if anyone is gonna nail those jumps its gonna be Mr 4cross.

  4. David

    Going to be an awesome weekend. Cant decide who my money’s on, Hill for a win would be epic. What the first song on the vid?

  5. Hecklerone

    Maybe it should not be called downhill track but ownhill track if so. Even so people who whore banging on Lycra suits (witch I hate , thank god Lycra don’t come from threes )now are using droper posts , Semi slick tires,special bikes ,air shocks ,etc,why not a special full helmet like the ones in road cycling time trials. But in the end it would be a good day. GO JOSH TELL YOUR MATES TO LET YOU GO THEY ARE GETTING AT THAT STAGE (I can’t brake I would not brake fuc. K I brake ) its the age don’t blame them you are not that old so RELEASE YOUR SELF FROM THEM AND GOOD LUCK. And come on Sam too.

  6. savdog

    i dont think anyone on a little bike is gona win


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