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DirtTV: Val di Sole 2013 World Cup Track Walk

DirtTV: Val di Sole 2013 World Cup Track Walk

Wow! The Parkin brothers have well and truly kicked off the Val di Sole DirtTV coverage in style. What an opener!

Keep your eyes glued to Dirt for the rest of their edits because when they say “today’s practice vid should be absolutely rad, so much sweet footage from up on the hill” it means we’re about to get one of their 24┬ácarat gold nuggets!

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  1. Robbie

    Gutted want to be there, was at ft bill last wkend which was ace. Might become a World Cup groupie for the season :-)

  2. Behindtheseens

    Please don’t tell me they actually flew their Red Epic that high, crazy mofo’s… but it’s worth it! Bring on the radness!

  3. dirt dodger

    @ 2.08 / 2.10 you get an understanding of what has to be dealt with :-( holy buttplugs batman

  4. Mushy

    Bloody hell, its so steep!

  5. Luker

    Anyone else notice a glint in Sam Hill’s eyes that hasn’t been there for a while? I think he knows he’s back on form.

  6. Big Bird

    I saw it too. Sam’s got his smile back.

  7. matt

    Fix up the DirtTv music choice please! Felt like i should have been watching ducklings or blooming flowers.

    1. Ali

      Come on matt, chill out! Bit of irony in the morning is just what you need.

    2. Big G

      Calm before the storm music dude. :)

  8. tommy

    i love mick in a non gay way

  9. CC

    Mick was hilarious. Love it.

  10. Juan

    Sam Dales hair is starting to get a bit Farrah Fawcett. Which is ruining her as a fantasy figure for a 70s kid.


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