DirtTV: Val di Sole 2013 World Cup - Thursday Practice

So who’s your money on for the win in qualifying?

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  1. Niall

    Macdonald and Hart look good

  2. CriDavies

    Great Edit Guys. Thanks for these. Coverage this year is just awesome.

  3. Big+Dawg

    Why do they have quali on Friday at Val Di Sole?

    1. Ed

      Because there’s also an XC race on this weekend.

  4. tommy

    wow, troy bouncing off those rocks and roots

  5. Joe

    did Brook just do a miniwhip at 3:31? Insane…




  7. iloper

    Brook copying Hills lines? :D

  8. Ron Horse

    Nice, still too much slow-mo.

  9. ronin

    Hill’s run in ’08 with Warner callin it in the booth was epic.
    Hill for redemption!

  10. don

    Gee looked like hes been on gym a lot off season. No extra movements on his body. Just steady stance and looked fast fast.

  11. Marci Dobi


  12. da



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