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DirtTV track walk: 2013 World Cup - Hafjell, Norway

DirtTV track walk: 2013 World Cup - Hafjell, Norway

The penultimate round of the World Cup is underway and so is DirtTV.

Here’s the track walk video from Hafjell, Norway, a track that first appeared on the World Cup circuit last year. It sounds and looks like there haven’t been any major changes since last year, but that’s no bad thing as everyone seemed to agree last year that Hafjell was one of the best tracks for some time. It’s got a mix of everything, from flat out speed and big old jumps, to steep, off-camber and super technical sections. To pull out a win here you need to have the full package.

So who’s your money on?

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  1. Oz

    Stevie Smith…no doubts

    1. Doug

      With that MAN beard it’s got to be Sam Dale for the win ;o)

  2. madbastard

    michael hannah, may i marry your sister, that is all *pop*


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