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DirtTV Roundup: Enduro World Series - Les Deux Alpes

DirtTV Roundup: Enduro World Series - Les Deux Alpes

Say what!? Gather around the computer with a beer or two, maybe a horlicks if you’re working tomorrow, but the Parkin’s Round up video of last weekends Enduro World Series has landed!

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  1. Tinks

    How fast was Dan Atherton through that flat out section, Jesus! Quality job as always

    1. Sam

      Agreed, that was insane!

  2. skud

    the subtitles with info this time is a nice bonus

  3. Raddad5125

    Dan Atherton GT gives you wings. That proper looks warp.

  4. Mushy

    Haha nice and honest from Clementz “I didn’t enjoy it really, was a bit of stress”… “but was happy to win 1 race of EWS, that was my goal and now I can enjoy the rest of the season”. What a legend

  5. Mushy

    and +1 for the subtitle info, was a good touch

  6. fanboy

    Great coverage and video! Good stuff: getting to see more of the women than just Tracy, and the subtitles. Great job Dirt TV!

    Looking forward to Colorado. I predict that Cecile Revanel will give the other women a pretty tough one on the final climb.. and also I think ACC will give T-Mo a run for the money!

    In the men’s, isn’t a burrito-filled Graves overdue for a win now? :)

  7. fanboy

    Also, what a weekend for Lapierre team! Vuillouz, Blenki and Emmeline on the podium, and Vergier beating the highly acclaimed Martin Maes to the junior win!

    Crazy impressive stuff from Blenki. Third on the first physical climb stage.. wow!

  8. Eoin

    +1 for the subtitles. I always thought that enduro races would suffer as they cant be covered live (without a silly budget), but this video really shows how good a recap video can be. Top stuff! Fair play to the Parkins, alway impressed they could cut up a riding video of DH in a day, but making a 20 minute feature in just 2 days, while filming the other events, seems inhuman!

  9. RHS

    Best yet! Still miss Steve Jones interviews though (whacky as they are)

  10. Beelzeb

    That was amazing coverge. Stage 4 looked so fast and all that slowmo sent chills down my spine. Thank you very much for putting it all together.

  11. Kath

    Fantastic coverage and great to see so much footage of the women racing. So inspiring.. Thanks Dirt!

  12. gravityfreak

    Hey Dirt guys

    Thanks for more great coverage. Could you guys do some more bike tech at one of the races please – specifically looking at which tyres (including widths and compounds)the pro’s are using as well as bike set up and bike weights. I am really keen to know how the bikes differ in weight. Could you guys get some coverage of this?

  13. Ed

    Some very creative lines going on there!

  14. Duncan

    Awesome video as always!!

    Is it possible to put the times of the stages on too…would make a much better story if we could see how big a 25s deficit is and understand how big a deal it is when a rider “loses a few seconds”. Thanks!

  15. Tino

    Great video and +1 on subtitles being good.

    Also +1 on running round with a set of scales like you did at the WC DH. Always fun to see what weights are being run in top end competition.

  16. hairy

    I just dont get enduro.

  17. adam

    brilliant coverage, loving the Enduro World series big time!

  18. Phil

    Is it me or is Jerome’s 25 second 1st stage lead down to the track only being taped on ones side?? (Check out the 6 minute mark)
    As Ed said…creative lines 😉
    We call them Strava lines round here!

  19. coldtyre

    What’s the background music during Tracy’s interview at 13:30 ??


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