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DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne - Practice

DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne - Practice

Kapow! Stop what you’re doing and watch this cracking video from yesterdays practice, I think it’s fair to say the track is looking a lot rougher, and it’s only going to get rougher… Qualifying kicks off later today, who’s your money on?

  1. enri

    Jacy is NOT stoked.

  2. Leon

    poor old specialized are so hard up they can’t afford more mechanics , who would of thought

    1. TimBud

      the rest of them in in Whistler for Crankworx

  3. David

    Go on Rach! Was funny watching Ropelato pussy out then Rach nail that drop off

    1. Amanda

      Ropelato isn’t really one to ‘pussy out’ of anything, least of all a drop like that; it could have just been a lack of speed, comfort, first run, etc… He was pretty on point last weekend at nats over a super speedy double (throwing massive whips and whatnot), so I’d just relax with the trash talk for now. Yes, Rachel rips. We all know and respect that. But it would be a damn shame to say something of this sort then have him win or get a brilliant shot over that, eh? Everyone goes about their riding and spotting and practice in their own ways. Relax, keyboard jockey.

      1. David

        That was a pussy out and you know it. He then tried to get on it but nearly fell off.

      2. David

        and the person who edited it must of thought the same, thats why they stuck the 2 clips together.

    2. Andi

      Get on the track and ride it, then you can talk! I have huge respect for all the guys and girls who hit those lines! You’d better shut up and stop talking from your couch.

      1. Dai O

        No ones knocking the skills but the way Amanda went to town on defending Mitch makes her sound like his mum! “My Mitch isn’t a pussy, he’s got bigger balls than Rachel has, I’ll box ur ears if u call him a pussy”.

  4. adam

    dude you speak like your better than him

  5. adam


  6. adam

    well said amanda and andi

  7. Maverick dh

    Sick highlights, just what I like no fancy filming just riding, Rach awesome, Brendog looking good go Captain Purple, now just pedal boy pedal, would liked to see more of Hill, he looked like he was hauling that section, Jacy, Gwins got red chain ring bolts ooh! Haha..feel for Jac bet he misses the old MadCatz days!

  8. Sharpy

    Where’s Peaty???


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