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DirtTV: Fort William 2013 World Cup Qualifying

DirtTV: Fort William 2013 World Cup Qualifying

Danny Hart came through pinned to take the top spot in qualifying, other big names were further down than expected with Hill in 8th, Minnaar in12th and Gwin in 14th.

The locals pulled out some solid runs too, Ben Cathro in 25th was an amazing place and hopefully he can stick in another fast one come race day.

Many think that the whipper from Redcar can hold on to the top spot for finals but there will be a whole bunch of riders chasing him down.

In the women’s qualifying Rachel Atherton must have surely had the other girls wondering what the hell they have to do to beat her. Her six second lead puts her in a very strong position today.

Check out all the action from qualifying and see who looks fastest.

  1. Pumptracktim

    So freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. macybrok

    nice one danny, must be that MASSIVE helmet…

  3. marcus

    Speaking of helmet, Bryceland’s dome took quite a shot there. Geeeez. Dont think I’d have gotten up as quick…

  4. buzzzzzzz

    blenky got STDs, sorry I mean SPDs!
    go blenky!!!!!!!


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