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DirtTV: Fort William 2013 World Cup Finals

DirtTV: Fort William 2013 World Cup Finals

Fort William is always special and this year was certainly no different. Even the midges decided to give everyone a bit of a break this year, and with the whole thing being finished off with a British/Atherton double it couldn’t really have ended any better. The rest of the season is going to have a lot to live up to, but with so many big names in the mix, and such close times, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if this year turns out to be a classic…

  1. Sam

    As always, Awesome!

  2. Ben

    One of the most nail biting world cups in a long time, amazing! The DirtTV coverage gets better and better all the time as well, can’t wait for the next one.

  3. David

    The crowd looks unreal there this year. I’ve been a couple of times before and its never looked that busy before. They really need to go back to venues where they get a massive crowd like La Bresse because its the fans that make such a great event

  4. DirtyDee

    Awesome vid Bros! Was great to see some behind the scenes at the podium and how they all get on. Steve Smith is the coolest dude on the circuit.

    Another round next week…bring it!

  5. Deran

    the BEST race edit for a long time! don’t often get to see the top guys having a laugh with each other afterwards, good to watch

  6. Jerome Thomas

    That was amazing – as Deran said one of the best race edits for a long time! Liked the epic music instead of heavy rock. Keep on it Parkins and Dirt.

    1. burns

      Music was medicore. At first I thought redbull required them to use their generic underproduced drama-music. And “dubstep” doesn’t really work with biking vids.

  7. TimBud

    That was a stellar edit there guys.

  8. Big+G

    Fantastic edit, love seeing the behind the scenes stuff well done guys top effort! And so stoked for Brook ! Our local guy owning it !

  9. Rambo

    Its set to be a hectic season for sure . Going to be some major crashes as so many are capable of winning and they are all Hungry !
    Happy for the Athertons but stoked to see Brook and Stevie leading the way with Beards !!!

  10. CriDavies

    Superb edit guys! The atmosphere at Fort Bill this year was sweet as a nut! Credit to Greg Williamson on a great performance. The kid rode his arse off! Bring on VDS!

  11. Eoin

    Awesome stuff! VDS is gonna be even more mental!

  12. stooky

    Gold actual Gold!

  13. TwistBikes

    Great edit, so exciting and great to see some behind the scenes banter. I hope the rest of the season is this good!

  14. TheHairyRider

    your system is terrible for people with slower broadband speeds. It doesn’t buffer when you hit pause so having real problems viewing the whole edit (for the record I think we’re on about 2Mbps up here in Serre Chevalier, Haute-Alpes)

  15. luiz

    10 minutes and lots of slowmo….

    I dont have patiance to watch it.

    That one minute videos from Creative Shots are amazing.

    1. rod fountain

      Christ, then go to Val Di Sol next Sunday, take your own film on your 2-bit camera: I’m sure we’ll all be thrilled to see what you come up with. If you weren’t 12 then you’d remember when we had to wait for the printed issue of the mag to find out who’d won. Tit.

    2. Ben

      Wow luiz, you don’t sound like a wanker at all.

  16. dirt dodger

    absolutely excellent piece of work – well picked soundtrack. Brilliant.

  17. tommy

    we’re lucky punters, thank you!

  18. Mushy

    Thanks Dirt and Parkin bros for bringing us an amazing finals video!

  19. don

    Great video and riding! But everytime that “next up-video” little thing comes from right bottom player freezes. And wont show rest of the video. Pretty annoying. Videos are brilliant but player bad.

  20. TallPaul

    Well said Rod!

  21. jackson


  22. James

    Superb…a right treat.
    Ta very much.

  23. Max

    Class event and amazing video.i think the slow mo adds to it-really shows the minute skills/adjustments the riders make which you wouldn’t see at full.parkin bros should be given medals for getting such a quality edit out so soon after an event.

  24. Josh

    Awesome edit! A bit of everything.

  25. goliath

    what’s the please at 4:35?

  26. goliath

    what’s the music* please at 4:35?

  27. Ben Halsall

    That’s one of the sickest Wold Cup edits i’ve ever seen. The music was awesome for it.
    And on that note.. What was the music used for it?


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