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DirtTV: EWS Rd 5, Crankworx Whistler - Nicolas Vouilloz Interview

DirtTV: EWS Rd 5, Crankworx Whistler - Nicolas Vouilloz Interview

At the latest round of the Enduro World Series Steve Jones quizzed the legend that is Nico. There are few riders with the kind of experience that Nico has, both in DH and enduro, so it’s great to hear how his mind works during racing, and what makes him tick. Personally I’m glad to see enduro racing kicking off big time as apart from anything it has brought this legend of the sport well and truly back into the fold.

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  1. Shifty

    Great interview! Next time it would be great if you can make an interview with top racers about bike setup for enduro(geometry, suspension… and no wheel size debate please)! :)

  2. Mack+tack

    Plus one for Shiftys comment…

    I’d be interested in what size bikes the racers are using… I’m 6’2 and struggle to find a enduro style bike that feels settled at speed.

    Love the insiders view that your doing..

  3. Eoin

    It would be amazing if more riders posted up their setup like graves does in his journal entries, there is some really niteresting info in there, like the fact that he uses a split tube ghetto tubeless setup, and an M frame despite everything Jonesy preaches!

    1. Ed

      And 26″ wheels!

  4. Maverickdh

    Nico ruddy Legend, really enjoy his interviews these days!

    @ M+tack SB66 would be a good start, not because of Gravsey, but because longer front tri, wheel base def suit you based on what you’ve said.

  5. Glass

    F..king legend! Humble and total professional! One of my heros along with Valentino Rossi and ofcourse the greatest Down Hiller of all time: Anne Caroline Chausson!


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