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DirtTV: Enduro World Series | The Finalé

DirtTV: Enduro World Series | The Finalé


Champagne flowed on the podium, Graves decided to direct his at Chris Ball.

After what has been an incredible season of racing in the first ever Enduro World Series Finale Ligure was a fitting location to finish. Jerome Clementz, Tracy Moseley and Martin Maes took the wins rounding off title winning season’s for each of them.


29” for most of the season Tracy lifts her bike on the podium in Finale.

Tracy Moseley has been consistently quick all year and only dropped two race wins all season, great to see a Brit taking the top step of the podium and Tracy is a deserving World Champion.


Thanking the his bespoke Cannondale Jerome takes the win in Finale.

Jerome Clementz has performed at a blistering pace all year, he has dropped three rounds to Fabian Barel (Rd1), Nico Vouilloz (Rd2) and Jared Graves (Rd5) but sealed the win after taking the top place in Val d’Isere. Gaps were tight all year and we can expect another flat out season next year from Jerome and his closest rivals.


Maes tops the Junior podium by a huge margin.

Martin Maes must be due some sort of prize all on his own, he cleared the Junior field by a massive 4100 points and even beat Fabian Barel by two seconds to take a stage win in Finale.

The DirtTV team have been battling mountain internet and thunderstorms but have finished the last edit from the World Series racing. We want to say a massive thanks to Rob and John for their efforts this year, they have done an outstanding job this year working, driving and flying all hours of the day and night to get these edits done.


John stalking his prey in Mont Sainte Anne earlier this year – Photo Laurence CE


Rob pinning it even carrying ‘Big Red’ around, flying between stages in L2A – Photo: Ben Winder

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  1. dirkenstein

    I LOVE IT 😀 such a great series.

    Jared stole the show at the end there.. CLASS 😀

  2. Ben

    That ending was incredible!

  3. shutter2ride

    Fn awesome capture of the last race in a great series. Can’t wait for next year, hoping Jared takes it!

  4. Dai Jones

    Fantastic coverage all year.. Top job…


  5. Eoin


  6. Hugo

    A little lost for words!!
    Great coverage
    All best

  7. Nick Hamilton

    Brilliant! Pissed racers are the best racers. A hell of a lot of amazing footage in there from what must be a very difficult race to capture. Excellent interviewees… think the interviewer could do with some practice 😉

  8. Alex

    Jerome 26″, Jared 26″ it’s official normal wheel size of 26″ are fastest in the world.

  9. OliC

    More flat out riding action please! the speed those guys are going down those narrow trails is crazy. slow-mo has its place, but the out and out speed that has been shown in this and not in other rounds is superb.

    but 29ners are more suited to girls? Tracey dominated again!

    1. Hancock

      Don’t think it matters what Tracey rides, she’s just rapid.

  10. fanboy

    What a great coverage of a great series. Love the friendship between the two main contenders, as “the media” wants to talk about the titanic fight, they just want to celebrate and be happy drunk. :)

  11. paulB

    Alex, the fastest that week was Lau on a Cube 650B. Sorry.


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