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DirtTV: Andorra World Cup 2013 - Qualifying

DirtTV: Andorra World Cup 2013 - Qualifying

Okay now everything is starting to get a very exciting, Sam Hill is the fastest qualifier by .046. Can Sam Hill be the one to end the Atherton domination?! French youngster Loic Bruni was only 2.884 off the pace, even with a crash on his qualifying run! Come Sunday it’s going to be one hell of a race. Enjoy our DirtTV gold from qualifying.

  1. ox

    Go Loic ‘ my inner thigh is tres tight madame’ Bruni!!

  2. Diogo Fonseca

    thats not Brendan, when it appears the name its Francisco Pardal, then comes brendan. Awesome video as usual.

    1. Andy+V

      I noticed that as well…forgot to shift a sub-title after they added a clip, I reckon. I’m cool with it since that was one banger of a video! :)

  3. Florian Heesen

    What is this Song called?

  4. Joe Donnelly

    @florian heesen Jar family- machine

  5. Ben

    Jar Family – machine

  6. Florian Heesen

    ACE guys! Thank you


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