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The Dirt Norco Race Team will be working with EyesDown Films for 2012

The Dirt Norco Race Team will be working with EyesDown Films for 2012

Dan Stanbridge

For 2012, the Dirt Norco Race Team is excited to announce that EyesDown Films will be traveling with Ben and Stanny to bring top class photo and video action from their two wheeled travels around the world.

“We are excited to welcome Tom and Tyler from EyesDown Films on board for 2012. As you can see from the short edit below we have been hanging out together these past couple of months as Tom and Tyler get ready for the seasons filming. Ben and I are both really excited to be working with EyesDown this year so please watch this space!

Alastair Beckett has been doing a great job of producing the team video edits for the past few years and has opened up some big shoes to fill. He is not going to be with the team for 2012, so we would like to say a massive thanks to Ali and wish him all the best in his next venture. With much excitement we would however like to welcome the EyesDown team of Tom and Tyler, who will be bringing their take to the team videos through 2012.

We would also like to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported the team in 2011, cheers to 2012 and we are looking forward to next year’s racing”



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  1. tom

    good news, but less of the fish-eye please, my eyes hurt

  2. JonnyB

    Don’t you mean “Ben and Stanny AND WYN”

    Time to put your money where your mouth is.

  3. grant

    So we get to see even more of the most over-exposed and under-performing race team on the WC circuit.

  4. undertheradar

    Everyone understands Ben’s ability. When he finds himself properly, and he will, people like you will wish you had not opened you mouth.

  5. User

    I’m with “undertheradar”! Ben is extremely fast and one of the best riders to watch… And I think every ones forgotten about how quick Dan can be, just look back at his results and you will see top 20 finishes at world cups.

  6. rusty

    LOVE IT!!!! good luck in 2012, you boys deserve it :)

  7. Pete

    First of all, I think ‘Grant’ is a tw*t.

    Can’t wait for this WC season to begin. Hope Ben can get in the top 10, he’s got the speed!

  8. anyone

    Grant your a cock!
    Being a WC team is not all about performance. Its about your presence in the scene and these boys have that!
    Ben is FAST and Dan is Fast and manages the whole team very well. Being able to organise contracts with sponsors, publisher, editors, etc cannot be easy.
    Really happy for boys at EyesDown too, they make some great videos and are two really good blokes!

  9. V

    grant you really are a jerk. Ben’s one of the best riders on the WC circuit and hopefully this year he gets into the top10.
    [the only problem you can have is the video. it’s boring. Ali made better ones]

  10. HBB Lied

    Grant came across a little harsh, but there was some truth to what he has to say. Ben is no slouch, but Team Norco could stand to spend a little more to supplement the talent recruitment. And – being a World Cup team IS all about performance. This is the top level of mtb competition, period. WC DH RACING.

  11. grant

    Wow… I sure touched a raw nerve with that comment. Seems like the Ben & Stanny fan club are a precious lot.
    @V, correct me if i’m wrong… but aren’t the best riders on the WC circuit the ones that are winning or getting on the podium consistently? not the one that show flashes of brilliance in practice then go OTA come race run.

    People have been bleating on about Ben Reid’s talent & him breaking into the top 10, podiums etc since 2006. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sick, sick rider, just not a racer really.

  12. V

    @grant. you’re not completely wrong, but if you don’t care about their videos, then you don’t watch them. Leaving mean comments will only get those mad who like the guys. Ben still has a chance to change the way he finished the last seasons’ races, lets just hope he’ll do that.

  13. Hann

    Yes thats our course they are riding. Bloody rapid on the root section, nice to see some local tracks getting ridden and ridden fkn fast respect!

  14. I love dirt super fan.

    GRANT your a class A WANKER.

  15. olliebongo

    Simmer down Grant ya wee ballbeg, everyone knows that on his day, Baltic is slicker than a bishops scrote and is one of the most stylish wee riders to watch on the circuit, as for Big Stanny, the boys a Freight Train when he’s on it. and his chest cam runs are top bananna. Dont be such a hater, and get behind the lads like everyone else.

    I for one am devastated big Ali Beckett wont be wrenching or putting down sick edits anymore, never mind who’s gonna be making the Tetley. Scruff Gang for life!!!!!


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