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Ben Walker Champery news

Ben Walker Champery news

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt blogger and Champery track builder Ben Walker just fired over some photos. Whistler might be having problems with lack of snow for the Olympics but Champery still has tonnes.
Hopefully all that will be well and truly gone on the 25th July for World Cup round 4.

As soon as it clears up we’ll get Ben to send some track photos and details, in the meantime he says:

“I just wanted to fire over some pictures from last week. I have some bike stuff that I need to test but it keeps snowing all the way to the bottom of the valley. I might have to go to Italy for some riding sometime in February to find some dirt. Anyways, my brother got a new camera and we were playing around with his new toy. I ride my bike down to the lift everyday to go snowboarding and drifting in the snow is one of the funner things in life. Here are a couple pics from a normal winter’s day in Champery.”




  1. Oran

    That looks so so so sweet….. I just wish…..

  2. generator


  3. Maximilian

    Now that’s what I call “all season riding”! Big ups! 😉

  4. Dirt HQ

    I’m telling you, Ben Walker lives the life…but he works hard at it, so he deserves it (but I’m still jealous!).

    Mike, DIRT HQ

  5. billy

    Mike, lets move the Dirt office out to the Alps for a month or two? How about it?

  6. Dirt HQ

    I think that Monmouth is just like living in the Alps!

    Mike, DIRT HQ

  7. Ross

    You must have been misinformed, Whistler isn’t struggling with snow Vancouver is. We’ve had an insane couple of pow days with no lift lines because of the Olympics. It just looks like it’s bad because it’s raining in the village

  8. Dirt HQ

    What about the temperatures? I thought that is why they delayed the men’s DH, the snow was too soft? Let us know.

    Mike, DIRT HQ

  9. billy

    Yes, it says here the DH was postponed on Saturday in Whistler because it was too slushy http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/2010wintergames/Whistler+weather+wreaks+havoc+with+Olympic+alpine+schedule/2562271/story.html

  10. Adam

    Whistler is actually having a record breaking season for snow. More snow than have ever had by this time of the year. They have a deeper snow base than Champery……. only the lower mountains like cypress are having snow problems

  11. Dylan

    Faaark. Thats living the dream

  12. Sam from France

    Good Job Ben!

    I knew him when i was in Champéry.I agree with you,Ben lives the life! Bike ,snowboard…He is really a nice guy!

    Congratulations Ben!

    Have Fun!

  13. Theresa

    Thanks for the pics Ben. I spent a winter based in Morgins a few years back and enjoyed the entire Ports du Soleil circuit. Good times. Can’t wait to check it out in the summer!

  14. luca

    t un gros fou ben comme o bmx XD


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