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Ben Reid injury update

Ben Reid injury update

Dan Stanbridge

After a busy off season getting the new team race truck ready for its maiden voyage, Ben took some time off to do what he does best and ride a bit of downhill at a local track in Ireland. Conditions were wet and muddy which is nothing out of the ordinary for the emerald isle, but after losing the front wheel on some hidden greasy rocks Ben took a big spill and managed to end up with what seems commonly known as a “Boxers Fracture” on his hand.

He managed to break the knuckle off his 5th Metacarpal joining the finger to the wrist so is currently sporting a cast which should be off pretty soon. This did cause him to miss out on the first British National round last weekend but he hopes to be back riding again in no time.

  1. Dirty Dee

    God damn shame, this boy needs to start a season fully fit some year. Hope it doesn’t hold ye back Baltic!

  2. Tom

    Bummer hope that thing heals up fast, Ben’s style is too good to miss at the races.

  3. barney

    Man up wee man…Bracia’s riding a full SX season with a busted wrist…suck it up and get on with it!!

  4. cool hand luke

    With each passing year, Ben looks more and more like a vagabond.

  5. Rodney

    And the problem is?

  6. OliC

    shouldn’t it have an X instead of a K to be real street punx!

  7. stacy kohut

    it should have said DIRT.

  8. cycloholic

    Heal quick – best getting these sorts of things out of the way now I suppose – here’s to a season without any more major crash incidents…


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