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New Dirt Norco Race Team bikes have arrived

New Dirt Norco Race Team bikes have arrived

Dan Stanbridge

It was an exciting day at Dirt Norco HQ today as this years Dirt Norco team Aurum downhill bikes arrived ready for the first race in South Africa now only a few weeks away.

A big thanks to Dirt, Norco, Sram, Thomson, Schwalbe, Gamut, Kore handlebars and SunRingle for an awesome bike which we are really looking forward to racing this year. Here are some first shots as Ben’s bike gets built up.



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  1. VonDH

    Damn that looks a nice bike..we gonna see some Dimensions?

  2. chris dodd

    love that thomson stem!!

  3. gmc

    goodbye maxxis, hello schwalbe?

  4. SX 2

    Dirty Dan tires are the best downhill tires I have ever owned. Rain or shine = Ridiculous adhesion!

  5. Leon

    Same here SX 2 , I have found my dirty dans to be totally amazing , I try not to tell to many people though as I want all this grip to my self :)

  6. Olliebongo

    This rig just keeps gettin tastier. Hope she’s rapid for the dirt boys this year. with some good fortune we’ll hopefully see some top results outta Baltic, Stanny and Riffle.

  7. dirt dodger

    is it me or does it just look pretty light? what does it weigh? that Thomson stem is so nice.

  8. Rob

    @Dirt it still says your sponsored by Maxxis on the right hand side of this page…. might want to get that changed!

  9. chris dodd

    are those pics taken on the north coast of NI ny any chance????

  10. M

    @chris dodd, looks a bit like hollywood, looking across to carrick fergus.

  11. Daniel

    @Chris Dodd. The pics are from the south shore of Belfast Lough. The bike looks great, first Norco DH bike I can say I like the look of.

  12. Jamie

    Still trying to work out a pedal sponsor? 😉

  13. Jon

    Lovin’ the graphics!

  14. Burridge

    Great looking bike, nice graphics, but i can’t help but think…..(bring on the negs) it has an almost identical frame design (Bar ABP) to the Session. Not even a bit like, almost exactly the same. No wonder it looks good.

    Before you neg me, look at the Trek on google quickly. Too similar. I like brands to have a particular design style. Norco used to, but then got confused, and then seemingly went for a proven style from another manufacturer. SHame. Still, looks good.

  15. Jack

    Burridge, what would you prefer; a bike that looks (and i would imagine rides) like the Aurum, or one that looks like a 2005 A-line, just for the sake of being different. Also less of the “bring on the negs” “before you neg me” etc. etc.

    On a more general note, I think after a long period in DH frame design of everyone trying out different things, one suspension design is bound to emerge as the best.

    Stunning bike at any rate, and great photos.

  16. Philby

    That looks amazing, love the new Norcos. Now I’m waiting for Jones to review one in Dirt Mag, should be interesting 😛

  17. Tom

    like its gonna get a bad review…

  18. ben

    looks nicer than a trek

  19. SimB

    And there’s the obligatory Trek ‘look-a-like’ comment…

  20. Booboy


  21. Paco Loco

    Bike looks RAD

  22. chris dodd

    @ daniel, lol, right country, wrong place, i thought it was Benone, just down the road from me.

  23. chavez

    Really good looking bike, is Jonsey going to review because i am seriously considering getting this frame.I think Norco are onto a good thing with this and Dirt team.Nice work lads.Was looking @ Mondraker Summum and Turner DHR but the prices are quite steep anyways a tasty frikken rig.

  24. john

    Chavez it’s probably not going to be the most unbiased review is it.

  25. Alberto

    Full review of the Aurum 1 in the next issue guys!

  26. WHAT

    As amazing as it looks… I’m more amazed by the way it’s able to stand upright all by itself!? 😉

  27. 4xlego

    Looking sweet and I think the colours are as sweet as the frame only version of Privee Shan Shan Mcaw hardtail !

  28. oioi


  29. Chris

    @ WHAT: I agree. This must be one of the most well ‘balanced’ bikes around!

    @ Burridge: There are clearly some differences. From a quick google for images of the trek it seems to have the rear pivot around the rear axle, rather than below the axle on the Norco. The rocker link looks more compact on the Norco too. I wouldn’t bet on it riding too similar to the trek. I trust in Jonesy to enlighten us.

  30. Nickkkk

    WELL BALANCED?!! you bet your arse! IT STANDS UP ON ITS OWN…. 😉

  31. Juansamwell

    Dribble!!!!!! You lucky dirt team types!!!!! Good luck boys.

  32. HBB Lied

    Glad it’s not a 29er

  33. what i got

    I’ve got a 29er in my pants for this bike!

  34. billy

    Expect a Jones review in the next issue.

  35. Gaz

    It’s a truly great looking bike with one exception – what is going on with that down tube? There’s no reason it needs to be that bent at the bottom as it only got to clear the shock – just makes it look weird. Guess Norco just couldn’t help themselves – old habits and all that ;o).

    Other than that it’s lovely – got some really great attention to detail on it like the integrated bump stops & seat post clamp and the well sorted cable runs. I like


  36. 4xlego

    looks better with the kinked downtube and im guessing it feels more of a stable platform like that


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