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X-Fusion DH Fork: First Sneak Peak

X-Fusion DH Fork: First Sneak Peak

X-Fusion have called this a ‘spy shot video leak’, but can you call something posted by your marketing manager a leak?

Anyway, it’s clear from the video below that the rumours about X-Fusion making a DH fork are true.

That’s going to make the DH fork market a pretty interesting place this year, what with DVO also entering the game. And we’re guessing here a bit but we’d imagine X-Fusion are going to price these very aggressively, which means that if they’ve managed to get the performance dialled they could well cause a serious stir.

What are your thoughts?

  1. hatchleader

    I can really see the big 3 strugling with the growth of companies like Suntour and Xfuion. I am running some Durolux’s at the moment and, while basic, they are super plush and smooth when set up right. Feel way better than the lyriks i used to have.

    1. alansicmoto

      Suntour are the biggest supplier of suspension products. Dorados for the win.

  2. Hancock

    Beteen these guys and DVO the downhill world might be about to get a big shake up.
    Which is nice, it’s about time people stopped buying Fox…

  3. Eoin

    Gracia is on DVO apparently and they are making an enduro proto for him!

  4. james

    The DVO stuff does look pretty tasty, but I can’t imagine there going to be a cheaper version of fox or rockshox really.

  5. Tino

    Looks like lopes country and a lopes front tyre. Wonder what bike he is on?

  6. barney

    RST are making a comeback also…

  7. GABE

    are those grease ports just under the seals, al la Fox? or just left over casting thingamies? (its hard for me to see cos im on a shit computer that won’t play the video)i hope they are ports as combined with that fairly burly looking “brake arch” hopefully means these forks will be rather supple. but would also suggest cartridges rather than open bath? figure if anything holds these back it’ll be sub par damping. im hopefull tho…..

  8. Jus

    Damping looks fine from where I’m standing! And it didn’t seem to flex really given the shapes the tyre was making. Need another watch I think… If the seals are good there’ll be a hell of a lot of people on ’em and more trying out the trail centre kit too given the possible improvement in their reputation.

  9. Binturong04

    Telonics for sure

  10. warthog

    Those “grease port” things? My guess is some sort of mud guard mount.


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