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Top Five: DH Chain Devices - e13 LG1+

Top Five: DH Chain Devices - e13 LG1+

When e*thirteen first entered the chain device game it’s fair to say that they definitely pushed things on, and to this day they still remain right up there at the top of the game.


Some riders prefer a chain guide with a full bash ring, but we have a real soft spot for designs that use a lower ‘taco’ style bash guard which is fixed to the back plate, just like this LG1+. Crucially we’ve never been let down by one of these guides when it comes to keeping a chain on, and it’s smooth and quiet in use too.

It’s the little details though that make this chain device so good, and we’re not surprised that it has now remained unchanged for a few years as we really can’t see how they could make it any better. It’s when you’re fitting and adjusting it that you appreciate its design. The number of bolts is kept to an absolute minimum and all the hardware is captive so you won’t end up trying to retrieve a tiny little nut from wherever you just dropped it.


The fact that the lower guide and bash plate can be rotated to three different positions means that it’s incredibly adaptable to different frame designs. You get a choice of either 32-36t or 36-40t compatibility, with either an ISCG or ISCG 05 mounting. If you haven’t got either of those mounts on your frame then go for the ISCG 05 version as this comes with an adaptor which makes bottom bracket mounting possible. The final choice is either a black or white finish.

Thanks to a combination of any excess material being machined away from the back plate, and honeycomb sliders, this chain device is as strong and stiff as it ever needs to be, and yet at 183g it’s also one of the lightest offerings around. If you’re really concerned about weight then e13 also make the LG1R which uses a carbon back plate and Ti bolts to shave off a few grams, and conversely if you’re worried about the cost but bon’t mind a few extra grams of weight then you could go for the LS1+ which is very similar design wise (and performance wise) but uses a pressed steel back plate instead of the CNC machined aluminium one. That one will only set you back £79.95

As I said before, it’s difficult to imagine how they could really improve upon this design, and we think this particular version strikes a good balance between cost and weight.

Price: £129.00

If you’ve missed our other favourite DH chain devices then here they are…

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  1. Rupert

    I must have been working on a counterfeit E13 LG1, because very little of the above rings true. I know Weagle gets plaudits all the time for innovation, but this doesn’t deserve any praise from what I’ve seen.
    The one I removed had full or partial cracks propagating from just about all the bolt holes and the top half of the guide was shot through with cracks. I’d accept that the owner may have over tightened the bolt if it weren’t for the fact that it’s aluminium.
    That said, all chain devices are fundamentally sh*t, It’s high time there was no need for them creating drag and gathering mud.

  2. chris-m

    Out of all of the chain devices I have fitted, it the E13 ones that oozes the most quality. MRP guides are nice, but they don’t quite work with everything as they just don’t have the same amount of adjustment as the E13’s.
    If you have to have a guide, consider the E13 ones. The only problems I have encountered are when people wellie them bl**dy hard on rocks, or when their shoes catch them and moves/bends the upper cage. As with everything, problems happen, but these in my book have the best design and features. I’m all about the details and E13 pips the others to the post, IMHO.

  3. Adam Hicks

    I know people go on about the price of bike components all the time, so sorry to sound like a cracked record. But it’s chain devices that really get my goat. £130, seriously? Or £80 for one with a pressed steel plate? Jog on, its a metal plate with some small bits of injection moulded plastic which lets remember, aren’t suitable to be in contact with lubricant…. I like these kind of guides but at least on the ones with a bash you can see where some of the money has gone.

    1. gabe

      im with you there man. chain devices must be the most overpriced things in all of bikedom. £150 for a carbon backplate. JUST the carbon backplate. a flat sheet of 4mm thuick carbon fiber big enough to make your own out of will literally cost you about a tenner. Add on five minutes worth of cutting and drilling and suddenly its worth £150? I don’t think so…I know they’ve got R&D to pay for etc, except that excuse goes out the window when you realise nearly all chain devices are pretty similar apart from a couple of tweaks here and there. Saying all that I am currently running a G2SL and im very happy with it too. thing is it only cost me 50 quid and i thought that was pushing it a bit.

  4. marc

    gamut p30 all the way for dh use e thirteen for the trail hardtail! e thirteen guides are a little overbuilt and prone to going weird if the bolts are overtightened (which most mountain bikers have a gorilla grip and do do)i think the no pulley wheel type guide is the way forward tho no seized bearings!

  5. Euan

    had LG1+’s on my two bikes. On the DH bike the lower roller cage snapped splitting it into two bits then on my hardtail the taco snapped where the lower roller joins onto it, the chain must have slipped and then I went down a set of stairs and the chain tension ripped it off, there was no impact off anything. I made one guide out of the two and sold it, now just running the top part of the guide on my hardtail and it’s now littered with cracks, this is all in about 6 months. would recommend superstar guides, sound cheap but far superior and looks far nicer with a hope bash on my dh bike all for £65, would’ve gone gamut but not paying another £100 for such a simple bit of kit!

  6. james

    Sounds like you guys are doing stuff up too tight. There a specific torque setting written on it for a reason, use your tool

  7. Dunford

    Love mine apart from the bottom guide jockey wheel falling apart after a few wet muddy rides! Be nice if they made a system like the gamut with an O-ring set up instead of a small shitty jockey wheel, Oh and you save about 10 grams not even that on the Carbon LG1!


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