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Another way to slacken your head angle.

Another way to slacken your head angle.

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Want to slacken the head angle on your mountainbike but can’t afford an AngleSet? We might just have the answer for you, so read on.

Jones@Dirt bumped into a fella called Kevin Coughlan from Dublin, Ireland who although being an Elite Downhill rider and full time student somehow finds time to run his small engineering business.

Kevin produces a wide variety of bits and bobs to customize the geometry of your bike but we were particularly interested in these off set shock bushings.

Jones reckons Vouilloz was running a similar set-up in his Zesty last year to get the geometry in order to run a longer travel fork and drop the bottom bracket.

They’ll cost you 20 Euros which is about the same price as a replacement bush anyway.

Here’s what Kevin told us:

Basics first.

The bushings works on 2 styles M8 bolts and M6.

An M8 bolt can run a max offset of 2mm per bushing.

M6 can run a 3mm offset. I also make diff offsets, you can get a 1, 2 and 3 mm offset so if you have a few bushes you can swap them around for different geo to suit different tracks e.g. steep, flat, rocky etc.

When fitted they make the eye to eye of your shock shorter. M8 with two bushes is 4mm shorter M6 is 6mm.

And based of the leverage ratio of your bike it will change the geo.

The average DH bike with M8 bolts a 3inch stroke shock and 9 inches of travel will get about a 0.5inch BB drop and about 1 – 1.5 degree slacker HA.

So the more travel you have with smaller shocks will make the most difference.

The bushes are made of 6082 T6 alu. This means it’s a hard surface and the type of alu is very stiff with no flex.

Hard surface means corrosion resistant and long wear life.

They are drilled and reamed to exactly 8 and 6mm holes so it gives the best possible fit on the bolt (less knocking)

Each bush is ground/sanded and polished for smoothest surface finish and lowest friction (MOAR plush suspension)

If you’re interested in a pair then contact Kevin at: Kevin@watermarkeng.ie

Or give him a phone phone 00353 851331104 (bear in mind I’m in college 9 to 5 most days)
I’ll get a blog set up soon and send it on.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more info about Kevin and his projects in the magazine soon.

  1. Big-G

    Fantastic idea

  2. dirt dodger

    pretty clever idea.

  3. whinger

    what stops the bush rotating in the mount?

  4. Quinn

    whinger, i was thinking the same thing

  5. Craigy

    Yessssss Kevin

  6. KC

    What stop it rotating is the centring effect. think of the wheel on a shopping trolly.

  7. Doug

    Id assume when loaded the bushingz will allign to give the shortest i2i ( and slackest lowest geo) When unloaded the clamping force from the frame will stop the pin rotating

  8. Doug

    Id be cautious using this in a frame where the bushing goes through significant rotation though the travel as the clamping force might not hold it

  9. Fabisan

    pretty mindless….the rear wheel will hit the frame in most cases…even with the original bushing there are some “contat” problems with some frames!

  10. whinger

    yeh thanks KC. They can only be used to slacken a bike in that case mind, not steepen it.

    also as some other fella says if you have excessive rotation on you bush then the force will want the inner section to move too…

  11. tarbo

    I have them in my bike atm, they have made a huge difference and really do help the performance of my bike. and no sign of wear just yet.

    Cheers KC.

  12. Bungalow Bill

    Cool idea, I will probably try it out. Suppose that means I can maybe run less than 40% sag now then eh..

  13. Tepid

    I used these for my old Intense 6.6 18 months ago, got them from BETD which you can also get them from 😉 Unfortunately for me, my 6.6’s rubbish geo was beyond repair or redemption!

  14. Leon

    Not a bad idea if you don’t like your warranty on your frame and shock

  15. mat

    i think if you fitted one, you would need to try the shock without the spring, to make sure there is no conflicts with the frame under full compression.

  16. eoin

    run them in my sunday frame and made a good bike EVEN BETTER

  17. mellon

    excellent for making slack bikes eeeeeven slacker

  18. NZrox

    buy a bike with geo you want in the first place

  19. Hidden due to low

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  20. james

    ive been using steamer industries aka kevs bushings in my sunday for the past 2 months have to say the completely changed the riding of the bike….bb went to 13.5 and head angle went to 63.5 which was a fairly big change interms of geometry of the bike…completly reccomend pourchasing a set of these as theyre the quickest and cheapest way to slacken your bike

  21. DeeVee

    What effect do they have on length of travel?

  22. Chris Waddup

    Made some similar for my Orange in 2001

  23. nojzilla

    wonder if this could be used to help solve a certain bike where the shocks piggy back snags on the fame?

  24. Gravityfreak
  25. dan

    Very good idea…. do they not in theory shorten travel?

  26. Alex

    They lower BB at the same time as slackening headangle. Great for some bikes, useless for others where you’re already dragging your feet through the dirt!

  27. DaFerg

    Great idea for simple suspension designs, but a shorter effective shock length could affect variable leverage linkage designs. The suspensions starting point will be further into its initial leverage ratio with these bushes fitted. Not sure how much effect it will have without testing but its something to bear in mind.

  28. whinger

    63.5 HA in the UK? jesus!

  29. MG

    Ive ran these for the past year on my turner dhr and there are no problems with them rotating, they fit perfectly, are super smooth and plush due to the hard polished surface and they last ages, ive had them in my bike for a year and there are no signs of knocking etc.. Cheap as chips and make a big difference! Buy them!!

  30. Al Carson

    I love a bit of bush rotation me…………

  31. Steveeo

    Will they work on my hardtail? I might order three, makes 9mm moar difference

  32. Gucci main

    Betd have been making these for for nearlly two years now! Just a recycled idea but it does work if you want to slacken your head angle

  33. Fexn S

    Is it able to run them in a IH Sunday with standard bolts?


  34. james

    not too sure felix, im running the ltd edition pink sunday frame07/08 and i had to change top shock bolt itself…..one of the other lads has a 06 frame and he used the original one which came form factory fairly sure ih made the bolts smaller in 07 but simply and easy to replace just give kev a shout at kvnmail@hotmail.com or his mobile up there

  35. el capitan

    you gotta do a conversion for 2008+ IH sunday/6point/MK3, KC can do the conversion if you need it.

  36. Morgan

    What’s the UK’s obsession with super slack head angles? Seriously guys, this isn’t the Alps. It seems slackest head angles are the new widest bars. I can understand slackening a hardtail, or a trail bike, but slackening DH bikes for the UK is like wearing full lycra and shaving your legs just to ride to the shops.
    That aside, glad to see someone looking at producing a cheaper alternative to a CC angleset for those that do have to go slacker. Who’ll be the first company to produce sub 60 degree DH frames?

  37. The Bear

    Morgan; pretty sure Fabian runs a custom summum that can go down to 59.5 degrees, think i read an article on bike radar last week about it. although it could have been a miss print. Looks slacker than some of the ladies i know in amsterdam!
    i kind of agree with you on the obsession in the uk. i run a glory 00 which has the much debated and often insult inspiring 65.5 HA. i can’t bear to ride with the shame and want to get down with the cool kids. so i m getting a work component 2 degree off set; takes her down to 63.5 for £80. I’ll try it with the slacker HA but might go back to the stock HA, some of the DH trails up here in Scotland are pretty steep tho. However if i drank less beer it would probably make me quicker than a slacker HA!!!

  38. Rob

    Ordered a set up on Friday, arrived Thursday. Put them onto a SC MK1 Nomad. The ones I ordered had a 3mm offset and I fitted 1 off to begin with, it dropped the BB 0.3-0.4″. Checked the frame for clashes, tyre scrub etc, and it was OK. Definate difference in the bike handling and stability in the corners. Head angle I wasn’t so concerned about but the lower BB made a huge difference. I find when I ride the big mountain stuff in the alps and highlands the high BB is good, however groomed stuff its a nightmare and I can see the 140mm guys tearing holes in me. If you ride a good mixture of the wilds and trail centres these for 20 euros are a bargain, just drop em in at the trail centre and it makes railing berms that bit more fun. Had to reprogram the brain a bit to stop pedal strikes but soon got used to it.

  39. neil

    I just got one of these in 6mm / 3mm offset from Kevin at Watermark, (just one as it’s for a 2006 Enduro which has a bush at one end only).
    Kevin made me some nice neat spacers (one is a thread adaptor) as the std. bolt is 8mm. Nicely made, good fit- by my measurements it slackens the head by about 0.8 degree, also lowered the BB a little which may be more important in this case – In the bike spec and Jones’s way back Enduro SWorks review, the BB is stated as 13.5″ with the slack/low shuttle – actual measurement on my bike about 14.5″. So, nice to lower it a bit for better stability.
    Next step – try an angle adjusted headset.

  40. ZMP

    Far out Sundays are slack as and love being laid down in the burms. All tracks are steep and nasty in New Zealand unless you a pussy. Slacken head angle Pffft let go off ya dam brakes it’l do the same thing.

  41. clakGalpeks

    Paraphernalia is a very number concept, particularly in this lifetime and adulthood when our rooms come together multiple functions such as dining, room or office. Such design as usual demand a greatly serviceable fittings for singular purposes and at the unvaried explicitly harmonized into undivided, representing the unscathed composition.

  42. Hannes

    Does anybody else have problems with communication, delivery or money?

    Three months ago I ordered 3 pairs for me and friends and payed via paypal. I asked a couple of times for the bushings. About a month ago I got the answer that his email is not available and that he had problems with the shipping service. Mine and many others got lost. I should receive new ones soon. But I did not get any bushings. He wrote that he already sent them, but I did not get them. Since then I have not heard anything from him.

    I order a lot online, also from the UK (I’m from Austria). But I always got my parcel. Quite strange.

    Anybody else?


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