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Silverfish To Distribute DVO Suspension

Silverfish To Distribute DVO Suspension

DVO Suspension are one of the hotest topics right now and their forthcoming Emerald DH fork is easily the most anticipated product of 2013. They said from day one that they wanted to make the brand as global as possible through the use of quality distributors throughout the world, and the good news for us is that they’ve just arranged a deal with Silverfish for the UK market. Silverfish are definitely up there as one of the best distributors in the UK, which we reckon is especially important when you’re dealing with suspension. Hopefully their backup service should be as good as we think the product itself is going to be.

Here’s the full press release…

Silverfish UK is thrilled to announce the addition of DVO Suspension to its brand portfolio. 

DVO, which stands for Developed Suspension, may be a new name on the circuit, but with over 80 years of suspension manufacturing experience they are a brand already head and shoulders above the competition.

Formed with a desire to do things a little differently, Bryson Martin and his team of engineers and racers aim to put quality, detail and customer service first and foremost, and to deliver superior suspension products to the market.  All of the team at DVO bring with them years of suspension and production experience and knowledge, and between them they have masterminded and been responsible for some of the most iconic mountain bike suspension forks ever produced.

The first product to be released by the company will be the much anticipated Emerald DH fork which is currently in the testing lab and will be the first inverted DH fork to hit the race track for a number of years. (editors note: Ummmm…what about the Dorado?)

“DVO Suspension is very excited to be working with one of the UK’s best distributors, Silverfish.  Their passion for the sport equals our own and we could tell from our first meeting that these guys were a perfect fit for DVO in the UK” said DVO’s General Manager John Pelino who himself joins DVO with over 16 years of suspension fork production experience and is a key member of the team who will launch their first forks midway through next season.

We are very pleased to be working with the team at DVO and to be bringing their products to UK riders.  The experience, passion for the sport, and depth of knowledge within the company is mind blowing and we cannot wait to work with these guys” said Silverfish UK Marketing Manager Pete Drew.

Keep up to date with all latest news from Silverfish UK over on the new website www.silverfish-uk.com and make sure to check out www.dvosuspension.com for the inside track on how testing is going.

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  1. Brick

    The best of luck to them, the product looks outstanding.

  2. jim

    correct me if i am wrong but looking at the photo that fork is not inverted?

    1. Steve

      They are inverted, the black bits are the stanchion guards, they added an arch for extra stiffness.

  3. churchie

    Looks so awesome. Can’t wait to try it. And great news that silverfish are the distributors.

  4. Graeme Wadhams

    looks like the mighty SHIVER reborn mwhaaaaah

  5. John.

    Hope silverfish look after their warranty claims for the forks better than they do for their Colorado based bikes they import?

    1. Hancock

      How do you know that the problem rsts with Silverfish and not the certain manufacturer, or even the certain manufacturer’s manufacturer?
      My experience with Silverfish and returns is normally pretty good, as long as they can actually get hold of what needs replacing…

      1. Steve

        But lets be honest… thats a rarity..

  6. gabe

    a brake arch that bolts on to the dropouts…and isn’t even tubular, is just a plate that runs up the front of the stanchions… 50% extra stiffness they claim? round thru-axle thats less likely to slip than a hex-lock they claim? collet clamps on the uppers that work better than pinch bolts they claim? I must say I had VERY hugh hopes for this company. Now i’m willing to be proved wrong, but this looks like a whole shed load of hype/marketing crap to me. please prove me wrong dvo. Please!


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