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New Cogs On The Block: SRAM XX1

New Cogs On The Block: SRAM XX1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Jordan, Jonnie, Joey, Donny and Danny talk about what it’s like to be part of an eleven piece all mountain gear set up!

This has nothing to do with 1980’s US boybands but more to do with the new Sram XX1 groupset.

We have a first ride feature on this new 1*11 groupset in the latest issue of the magazine (due out this week) so to coincide with that here’s a video we did with SRAM product man Chris Hilton.

Before you shout that we don’t need more gears, the XX1 is firmly aimed at the enduro/xc end of the market and does away with the faff of two rings up front and the front mech. It’s just a simpler system. Have a watch below and listen to what Chris Hilton has to say.

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  1. onion

    I hear Rohloff are bringing out a 1×14 system that elimates the ……. wait……

  2. Nic

    So if a 1-by drivetrain up front allows all these fantastic new developments to be used…why are they not being used in DH, where using a single front ring has been around for, well, forever!? Genuine question, I just cant get my head around why these developments are for xc/enduro when it would seem to me (minus the 11 speed…) they would have benefits for DH too.

    1. Norber

      Because you don’t need huge range for dh?

      1. Nic

        Yeah, I get that. Hence the “minus 11 speed” bit. It was all the other parts, ie-parallelogram mech, specific front chainring and chain that I was talking about. Which is still relevant to DH! You could still incorporate all that into a DH specific set up using less gears which would be much more beneficial.

  3. Olly

    Because the DH market is teeny weenie compared to the greater MTB market.

  4. Tom

    Any idea of the cost? I googled it and saw $1,449 which I think is a big ask for a crankset, gears and (presumably) freehub. I like it but I’m not sure if i like that price.

    1. Eoin

      Yeah it’s something like that, over 1000 dollars, and no that’s without the freehub. It’s a combination of R&D, extremely lightweight materials and of course lack of direct competition. Hopefully before 2014 we can get a 10speed version with optimised chainring for single ring setup and a type 2 derailleur.

      1. Eoin

        * I meant to say hopefully we get an x9/x7 version… i.e. at a reasonable price considering these are components that wear and need replacing every year or two.

  5. Phil

    ‘…and you’ll probably have to work a couple extra months to buy a new one…’ Don’t know the price of a new XX1 Rr derailleur, but I think I’ll buy my girl a ring with two months salary.

    1. Tom

      Nah, I’m saving my money for the Zerode 6″ carbon trail frame when it comes along….11 speed Alfine gearbox

  6. ddmonkey

    I like this – I can see this working great on my bike. I’ll wait for the price to drop a bit before I switch though.

  7. Iain

    What happens if your drop your chain mid race run, front chainring? You have to stop and make sure the teeth are lined up correct before moving on…?

    1. Andy Barlow

      Yup, but it won’t fall off because there isn’t any chain slap.. they say. I know what you mean; the jury is still out with this one.. but they have my attention.

  8. Max R

    i bet i could make the chain drop off.

  9. Mr Christian

    Gearbox please

  10. Davenport

    Just grow some bigger legs in winter and power through

  11. phil

    I still don’t understand why the largest cog has to be such a big jump, would 38t not be enough??

  12. Chris Kimberley

    just give us a bb mounted gearbox please

  13. Big G

    Did that guy actually take a breath???????

  14. Emilie

    Can the XX1 rear cog be fix on any Mavic or Easton wheel?

  15. SX 2

    What about lateral chain flex and premature wearing of the chain and pulleys? Why is it that these new ultra super cassettes wobble like the threaded freewheels of gear-O-saurs-recks days? Lighter cassettes with less contact surface area between the cassette spline and hub spline equates to loose interfaces. You don’t say? What about unsprung weight?

  16. benni

    does anybody know if the chain has the same width as a 10 speed chain, so u can run the new front rings with your “old” 10 speed stuff? I knew the guy said there is no reason to mix that but seems like his money must be growing on trees then.

  17. WAKi

    Huh, I used to go berserk on that but, mnemehem… I see a big potential for 29ers, as these bikes are so fast that you want a really wide ratio. 36t up front is too big for my fitnrss for steep uphills and 34 is already too small for the coasting to/from woods. On the other hand though… I bought zem clutch derailleur which eliminates the need of bottom roller/slider on CG as it holds the chain on that well. So I can put my front mech on and since chain dropping is not an issue? Why not go back? There are some damn big advantages with front mech apart from the fact that a lot of people will consider you… Not aggro-gravy enough? If you are a weight weenie then drop in a ultegra 11-28 cassette and 22 granny… You will end up lighter than this… This 41t industrial grinder in the back


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