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IXS Trail RS Helmet

IXS Trail RS Helmet


I might as well say now, we like this new IXS Trail RS helmet a lot. Why? Well most importantly because it is super comfy. Now I know all head shapes are different, but whenever a new lid turns up at the office we all try it on, and pretty much without fail there’s always the odd person who doesn’t get on with the fit, even if the rest of us do. This lid on the other hand was one of those very rare ones where everyone said something along the lines of “bloody hell that’s comfy”. I think it’s down to the combination of a great shell shape, well placed and high quality padding, and a very effective adjustable retention system, but whatever it is it works.

Of course as important as fit is, it’s not the end of the story when selecting a lid. As vain as it sounds we all know that style plays a big part, and again this is personal, but we all think this one looks good. There’s plenty of rear protection too, and we really like the adjustable peak. IXS have even designed a crash release system into the peak, which is a nice touch. The 22 sizeable vents and lots of internal air channels make sure that your head isn’t going to boil, and with its full in-mould construction the quality of finish is up there with the very best. The icing on the very fine cake is that our large one weighed in at just 346g. That’s a bit heavier than IXS claim, but we still reckon that’s plenty light enough, especially when you consider how solid this thing feels. Actually, if we’re calling the low weight the icing on the cake, then the very competitive price must be the chocolate sprinkles.

The gallery below shows this lid from all the different angles, and in the three other colour options.

And here are a couple of promotional videos that IXS have done for the helmet. The first concentrates on the various features of the helmet, whilst in the second Richie Schley talks about his part in the development of this lid (hence the ‘RS” in the name), and then goes shredding in one…

Price: £84.99


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  1. Battlestag

    There is was, reading this thinking, comfort (great news!) style (excellent!) low weight (awesome!!) great value (OMG yeah yeah gimme more!!) then I scroll to the bottom and see its £85. Massive anti climax. Not cheap. Polystyrene made in china. Ok ok I know a lot of important testing goes into safely equipment etc, and i know you shouldn’t put a price on your own head etc but lets have one that not been “styled” by some famous name that puts the price up. I call £50 RRP for a helmet top end of value for money to be honest. Then try and get it in the sale somewhere later. Bet I’m not the only one.

    1. Hancock

      That would be a Giro Feature then, £50(ish) comfy and better looking than this anyway.
      It’s weird that no one even tries to compete with Giro when it comes to good helmets under £50. £70-100 is a crowded market, £50 is Feature, Feature or Feature.

      1. Dave

        To be fair the rrp for the Giro feature is £59.99 so it’s a bit closer to £85, I’m sure there will be online shops selling the IXS lid for below retail. There are also 2 problems with the feature, firstly it gets hot very quickly and secondly the ratchet system doesn’t go tight enough, I owned the medium and the helmet was always a little loose, I did try on the small but I couldn’t even get it on my head.

  2. thedude

    I don’t think batteredslag realises that rocking a cool helmet makes you a better rider. :)

  3. Rich

    I rather like the look of it and more importantly, the sizing looks like it’ll fit me without making my head look like a mushroom. The bad news? Hotlines reckon it won’t be available in the UK till the end of September.

  4. James

    It does look like a great lid, but I dont agree with £85 being good value for money. My Kali was about £50

  5. Tom

    Good value??? :/

  6. Har-Mar Super-Star

    All about the VALUE Steven!!!

    1. unleash

      I like to get plenty of vallllue

  7. ed cooke

    Dirt crew must get paid too much, in the real world the increasing cost of biking is pushing me out

  8. ed+cooke

    Man, I’d just woken up when I wrote that last comment, I sound like a dick. But it is a joke when £85 for a helmet is good value.

  9. Gambisk

    Nice helmet but at £85 I will stick with my 661 recon.

    There are quite a few helmets in the £50-60 region if you shop about. I know cause I recently bought the recon, but I could easliy have had a giro feature, fox flux or last years colours on a giro hex.

  10. mark

    £85 for a helmet, ha ha, jog on.
    Why do people insist on buying overpriced stuff, it’s encouraging these comapies to continue to rip us off

  11. Rich

    We now live in a post-POC world… Their RRP has allowed the rest of the market to inflate prices across the board. Market forces, innit?

  12. Craig

    I got a fox flux for £30 in a sale a year or so ago… let the rich people buy LATEST ‘because the can’ and let us mortals buy SALE!?!?!?

  13. steve

    what sold me was the rotating helmet video showing all the amazing features.. such as: a peak, vents, straps and a tough plastic shell… truly groundbreaking stuff!

    if £85 is good value, what constitutes poor value theses days?

  14. Eric Lessard

    Sizing wise, is the s/m truly a maximum 58? How does it compare to a Giro medium?

    Seems a little excessive someone with a 58.5 head would need a helmet that goes up to 62.


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