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Hope Lock-On Grips

Hope Lock-On Grips


Hope add to their lineup with these new 100% UK made lock-on grips. Yeah that’s right, every single bit of them is made right here in the UK, and they’re not just any old lock-on grip either. Hope have included some really nice details, particularly in respect to ergonomics. The minimalist/lightweight clamps are fully integrated into the grip so the rubber runs the whole length of the grip. That means there’s no clamp to dig into your hand, something that riders who run their hands right on the end of the grip will particularly love. They’ve even offset the clamps so that they stay completely out of the way.

We like these grips a lot, but if we had to pick a fault with them it would be that we’d also like to see a version with some kind of half-waffle pattern. As they stand we reckon they’ll be ace in the dry, but throw in some wet and muddy conditions and we reckon they’re going to come up short in the grip stakes. You’d have thought what with Hope being UK based they’d have offered something with a bit more grip, but maybe that’s something that they’ve got in the pipeline…

Anyway, here are the tech details and a little video from Hope:

Extensively tested soft, durable and tacky rubber compound with classic grip pattern.
Optimised CNC’d billet aluminium locking rings with all unnecessary material removed.
Custom forged stainless steel fasteners reducing threads being stripped along with an ergonomic head design.
Fully moulded grip providing more surface area for hand contact.
Slip-free locking mechanism.
High impact resistant inner plastic core.
Integrated CNC’d billet aluminium end caps.

Weight: 94g pair (including all fasteners and bar ends).
Length: 135mm (including end caps).
Diameter: 30mm.
Colours: Available in translucent Black, White, Green & Red.

Price: £25.00


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  1. Stevie Bell

    Where have I heard that song before; was it in a MTB movie trailer?

  2. Craig B

    @Ed paused at 57 seconds and it appears to be waffle grip.

  3. spongebob crabpants

    these seem to be really a nice idea. grips that grip all ther way to the ends, what a stroke of genius!

  4. Steve

    couldnt they of put a speaker in them to try drown out that god forsaken hub noise?

  5. Mutly

    30mm. Bizarre. Yet another small diameter grip only suitable for medium / small hands. Anybody with large hands, that rides a lot, would get calluses needlessly. Thank goodness for the few companies that offer size options – e.g. ODI Rogues.

  6. gabe

    anyone who rides alot already has callouses in all the right places. When will people realise big hands don’t need big grips? big grips are for bikes with zero suspension and rock hard tyres. Although…I tried an experiment the other day. Put one skinny grip and one fat grip on my bmx. with rock hard tyres. at the end of the day the arm with the fat grip was noticably more tired/achey.I wear large gloves btw. Not xl, but still…not exactly xs either. Thinner grips are better.

    1. ted

      With gabe on this, I have giant sausage fingers yet hate fat grips


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