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Hill and Fairclough's custom Troy Lee D3 helmets

Hill and Fairclough's custom Troy Lee D3 helmets

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Check out Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough’s super pimped Troy Lee D3 custom painted helmets!

Stikman from TLD just fired over these works of art!

Sam Hill’s D3 paint job was born out of an early morning when Troy couldn’t sleep, Sam had hit us up about doing something for his world cup lid for 2012. Sam did not know what he wanted to go after so he left it to Troy to do what he does best; Create.

At 4am he rode his bike over to the TLD laguna store/design centre to start sketching out a Sam Hill helmet. He pulled out his lowrider photo books for inspiration on style and starting wrapping a stock D3 to create a blank canvas. An hour later, Troy has one of the most elaborate paint schemes laid out and brought it out to Corona headquarters that morning.

Anton Henggono, one of our designers, started rendering the helmet out on the computer according to the Troy drawing on the helmet and talking to Troy about the design inspiration. When Sam received the helmet drawings and images of completed helmet he simply said “Oh man, that is the sickest helmet ever! I can’t wait to be shredding in that thing”.

Brendan Fairclough’s helmet was derived from when Brendan spent a few weeks here in So Cal. He wanted something to match his Neon yellow kit, so we started with a stock ZAP D3. Brendan wanted to throw in some candy dark blue to also match his SE PRO kit, a little country pride on top and his energy drink sponsor Monster logos to finish it off. Simple, clean and fast looking, “Man, that looks amazing, I’m going to be the flashiest guy on the hill!”.

So there you have it, the first of many sick lids to come out of Troy Lee Designs in 2012.

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  1. tom

    how come brosnan has switched to the specialized dissident?

  2. gabe fitzy

    specialized is making all of their gravity riders wear their lid. Sam probably put his foot down and said no way, D3 for life!

  3. stacy kohut

    you ever notice how most times a nice simple cheese and 1 topping pizza tastes waaay better than a pizza thats fully loaded with every topping available?

  4. Optimus Doddsy

    i see where your going with that….less is sometimes more i think is your point.

  5. Joe

    Those helmets are so not worth to be shown – especially that Monster M sucks badly on those nice lids

  6. atjohn

    Joe – Mr Negative Nancy over here….

    Let’s see your home painted Giro Remedy then Joe… Were you allowed to use crayons this time?

  7. stacy kohut

    any pizza is better than kraft dinner though……

  8. Zero Cool

    I think that the art on TLD lids is always amazing quality, but for me they always look to cluttered or garish. I prefer simpler designs myself

  9. Will Soffe

    @stacy kohut

    I agree but TLD have to showcase their skills and design on these helmets because thousands of people will look at them.

  10. db76

    I think the dissident looks mint, got rid of a d3 to get one and am well happy.

  11. juansamwell

    I hate the monster m too and agree with joe that such nice helmets would look better without garish, poorly designed logos, for crack in a can “energy” (sugary) drinks that only twelve year olds actually consume. But these guys are sponsored riders so their gonna have to run sponsors logos unfortunately. Troy’s designs are always sick tho. Id love to be able to afford a custom d3.

  12. Phil

    Sams lid reminds me a lot of the musical “Starlight Express” in my hometown…


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