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New Michelin Wild Grip'R | Fresh Produce

New Michelin Wild Grip'R | Fresh Produce

Despite keeping the same name Michelin have gone right back to the drawing board with this tyre…

To be honest that was probably a good move too because sadly over the past couple of years Michelin kind of fell by the wayside a bit. With help though from Fabien Barel and Nico Vouilloz, two of the sports greats, it looks like Michelin are making a serious effort to get back to the top of the tyre game. Those two riders have been testing a whole pile of prototypes and by the sounds of it this new tubeless ready 2.35″ Wild Grip’R Advanced Reinforced marks the shape of things to come, i.e. we could well see a substantial overhaul of the Michelin range for 2013.

Compared to the previous Wild Grip’R this tyre is a completely different beast. Everything has changed; the tread pattern, the rubber compound, and the casing. We’d spotted prototypes of this tyre on Nico’s bike at enduro races this year and I reckon it’s fair to say that this tyre is clearly aimed at that market. The casing is best described as somewhere between a full-on DH tyre and a standard trail tyre, and as such will be perfect for enduro races. At 980g each these tyres certainly aren’t light, but then that’s the price you pay for a tough and supportive casing. Sadly there don’t seem to be enough tyres sitting in this middle-ground between DH and trail at the moment.

We’ll get the tea boy to stick these on a bike and then we’ll let you know how we get on with them. By that time they might actually be available in the shops.

Price: £39.99

  1. Wbubwubwubwubwub I'm dubstep wubwubwub

    Reckon we’ll see these on every weight weenie’s DH bike next year

  2. TimBud

    Liking the double step edge on the side knobs.

  3. dirt dodger

    had the 2.35 Rock’R on my AM rig, loved it – the sidewalls were a bit thin and flexy but i never had a flat and ragged the shit out of it, megavalanche, UK trails and trail centres, DH tracks – mint tyre wet and dry and it was cheaper than a maxxis – somehow though i have ended up on minions 2.35 with my recent purchase…..why, i don’t know as i split the casing on a ride and had a right shit walk all the way home. I will try these new ones without a doubt as my loyalty to Maxxis is wandering again.

  4. Tino

    Is this the same tyre that resulted in Nico throwing his bike around after stopping in the lead of the Mega due to a tyre failure?

    1. dirt dodger

      tino were you there? i was right where it happened harrasing all the Euro’s with my England flag and it could have happened to anybody,a large majority of folks enjoyed tyre failure this year, more than usual in the lower section which seems a little strange as it’s not as sharp as further up the course, it is however getting more and more blown out after the main fire road crossing and this is bringning more and more sharp shit out.

  5. DrippyHippy

    I’ve been using the single ply 60a Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 Exo Kevlar for everything from the Mega & 9 days lift assisted in Les Deux Alpes to Nant Yr Arian and Degla and they have been faultless, grip and durability is fantastic + they only weigh 835g

  6. Leon

    Bring back the original Comp 16’s they were so damned good in soft/loamy conditions , the tyres they replaced them with were far to unsupported on the side knobs.
    Granted they rolled slow but thats cos they gripped so hard!

    1. Alex Bayne

      Right on…I still have 2 comp 16s left that I use on the odd dh race…by far the grippiest, reliable tyre i ever used!


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