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Hutchinson Squale Tyres | Fresh Produce

Hutchinson Squale Tyres | Fresh Produce


There may be other names that spring to mind first when you think about DH tyres but Hutchinson have been quietly going about making some great DH tyres for years. Their old ‘Bulldog’ was considered a bit of a classic by those in the know. Anyway, with feedback from the Hutchinson United Ride team, in particular Fabien Cousinie, Hutchinson have come up with this new Squale tyre which they reckon is aimed towards dry and rocky conditions.

Build wise it looks like it is definitely going to survive those kind of conditions. The ‘Hardskin’ casing is reinforced on the sides using a flexible and very dense textile grid. This helps to stop cuts without being so stiff that it impacts on grip performance. At a 2.6″ width and weighing in at a mighty 1515g these tyres are big in every respect and so they should be right at home on tracks like Fort William.

As for the tread pattern, the main thing that is noticeable is that the side knobs are very substantial. This definitely seems to tie in with what Hutchinson are saying this tyre is aimed at because although the big knobs might not cut into softer ground quite as easily, they will offer more grip and stability on harder surfaces. To further aid grip the rubber compound does feel very soft and sticky indeed. I’ve also noticed that Hutchinson recommend running these tyres in different directions on the front and rear, but I reckon some experimenting is going to have to take place to see if that really is the best way to run them…

If you’re liking the look and sound of these then I’m sorry to say that I think you might have to hold your horses for a bit because these aren’t even on the Hutchinson website yet, and the UK distributor certainly hasn’t got any. We’ll keep you posted on these though…

Price: TBC

  1. Aaron

    Sie Germans vill not be happy! Schwalbe law suit in 3…2…1…

    1. Max R

      yep, very muddy maryish

  2. intense4life

    looks like a Minion front to me!

  3. bob

    used to love the old octopus tires they put out

  4. ben

    1.5 kilos? No thanks!

  5. Jason

    This ist a Muddy Mary… Really poor copy-work Hutchinson!


  6. mike

    Haha, Hutchinson. This is soooo bad! 1500gr… really?

  7. gabe

    this tyre looks all sorts of wrong to me. Firstly I’m holding a muddy mary in my hand and the tread is VERY similar. Secondly why would you EVER run a tyre with tapered knobs with the taper facing the “wrong” way? Especially on the front. Braking will suffer, rolling resistance will suffer, there is no plus side i can think of. Anyone else think of one? And theyre stupid heavy. and 2.6″ is too big. Unless they come up really small compared to other brands. My 2.5 minions are similar to a 2.35 schwalbe and tbh that seems big enough for most ppl. Strange move from a company experienced enough to be VERY good but not a big name currently in the DH market. Don’t see this tyre helping them much in that regard…


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