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Flipstand | Fresh Produce

Flipstand | Fresh Produce

We featured this Feedback Sports work stand a few months ago and got a bit of stick from some people because they felt we only feature the best, and often most expensive, products. This Flipstand though is a great product for the price of a few inner tubes.

Of course if you want the best possible thing to help you work on your bike then a proper work stand will never be beaten, but then this Flipstand was never trying to beat a work stand. Instead it’s designed for those riders who are happy to just work on their bike upside down, and for them it solves the problem of damaging your seat, shifters, lockout levers and the like. Likewise, if you’ve got a fancy floor it’ll also protect that from your bike.

As you can see all you do is clip a ‘grip clip’ onto each end of your bar and then attach the seat pad to your seat using the supplied bungy cord (which also keeps the whole lot in one place when you’re not using it. The whole thing is made from the kind of stuff that camping mats are made from and the grip clips raise your bars off the ground by 5cm so they should offer enough clearance for even the most peculiar setups. They will also work on pretty much any type of bar, mtb or road. The wider you can space them the better and stability is definitely improved compared to not using them.

Overall we love the simplicity and effectiveness of this design, and because it’s so small and neat you could easily just keep it in the back of your car/van for those moments when you arrive at a trail and discover that your bike isn’t working quite as well as you thought it was.

Price: £12.99 (including UK postage)

  1. Ben

    Wicked idea!

  2. Fanboy

    Clever thing.

  3. Dan

    Good idea, think it’ll inspire as many people to make their own version for next to nothing as the amount of people that actually buy it.

  4. Dan B

    Crackin idea that, no more scuffed lock on collars etc for of when dismantling my bike to go in. if car.

  5. Hancock

    That’s good idea.
    Sadly for them I’ve always been a ‘flip it over and to hell with the scratches’ kind of guy.

    1. Betsie

      with you there.
      makes my bike look used :)

  6. Ewan

    Like it where can I buy one ?

  7. phil a

    great for not screwing up your dropper post switch too – mine gets battered when i flip it over and the bike doesn’t sit straight upside down either coz of it

  8. phil a

    website says you can buy online

  9. Tom

    I love the bike industry…

  10. loamranger

    also would be good for washing the bike up side down

  11. Brett Nicolle

    …put a bit of old carpet down?

  12. Jan Czugalinski

    April 1st already ? lol

  13. Bike Mechanic

    What a load of rubbish anyone who says otherwise needs their head checking out. Forget about this crap and buy yourself a proper workstand.

    1. Dougie

      Ditto! I’ve never had to flip my bike to clean/put in car. Just bad practise!

  14. Nico

    Ok. But except removing your wheels and crank what else could you do in that bike’s position? Not really what I call «working on my bike»…

  15. josh

    How much damage does turning your bike over ACTUALLY cause, especially compared to any damage caused by just riding the bike? Complete waste of money if you ask me.

  16. Klerric

    Nice idea, be easy to make your own…..not sure if its an essential bit of kit.

  17. Craig B

    Are all of your bits only essential? My garage is chock full of “just in case” crap.
    I think for £13 (inc P&P) I could not be arsed making one – my time is worth more than that to me.
    That and I think you might be surprised how much “cheap foam” is to buy. I used to buy industrial quantities of it, it’s not as cheap as you think.

  18. onion

    I use the high tech solution of ‘the other side of my wife’s picnic blanket’

    Both you and the bike can sit on it in comfort and it catches any ‘fluids’ that my damage your carpet and you can put all your bits on it so you don’t loose them.

    It was expensive mind, at £4.00 [from a service station near you]

  19. OMFG!

    Yet another pointless “product” proving mountain bikers are gullible idiots who will buy almost anything new for their bike.

  20. lee

    man up guys, or if your a virgin, use an old towel you’ve just used to wipe yourself down with.


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