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Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Work Stand | Fresh Produce

Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Work Stand | Fresh Produce

Bikes need fixing, fact. A decent work stand makes any repairs a whole lot easier, fact. So if you haven’t got one then check this one out…

Personally I don’t understand how anyone can work on a bike without a work stand, it just makes life so much harder. I think a lot of people don’t buy one simply because it doesn’t make you go faster, or make your bike look flashier, but unlike pretty much anything that you fit to your bike a work stand should last you for life. Even a cheap one will last for years, but as with any tools I reckon it’s worth investing in a quality one, that way you’ll only ever buy once.

What makes a decent work stand? Well I think the first crucial attribute is stability, particularly if you’re ever going to be working on a heavy DH bike. At home I have an industrial quality stand that is bolted to the floor and ceiling so it’s never going anywhere, but obviously I can’t take that to races etc so I also have a portable stand. The stability of this portable stand has impressed me so much though that if I didn’t already have a fixed stand I’d be more than happy to use this both home and away. The three widely spaced legs mean that it’s even stable on rough ground. Tall people will also love the fact that unlike most portable stands this one extends right the way up to a very generous 1.8m. Even at that lofty height it’s still stable when holding a DH bike. As I said before, impressive, and that’s before you even start to factor in that its aluminium construction means that it weighs in at a highly portable 5.7 Kg.

As you can see it folds down pretty small too, and you can do it in seconds without the need for any tools.

Apart from stability the other key ingredient for a good work stand is the quality and design of the clamp. This is an area where the Pro-Elite once again excels. I think I must have used pretty much every design out there and there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the best. The main reason I say that is because of the quick release clamp. When you’re trying to clamp a bike in a stand the last thing you want to be having to do is hold it for ages with one hand while you use your other hand to fiddle about with the tightening, especially with a DH bike. With this clamp you just push the button on top and it opens up wide, you then lift your bike into place and push the clamp shut. That will then be enough to hold it in place while you tighten the clamp further with the knob. Removal is just as easy, if not even easier, just hit that red button. There are other ‘quick release’ clamps on the market but I’ve yet to find one that works as well as this design.

Apart from being easy to use the clamp also offers plenty of grip so that you don’t need too much clamping force in order to stop any movement, which is especially important if you’re having to clamp something delicate. It also opens up nice and wide and will clamp tubes all the way up to 66mm, so no matter how chunky your frame is it should easily be able to cope. The whole thing also rotates through 360 degrees so you can position your bike at any angle to make jobs even easier.

Hopefully by now it’s pretty apparent that I really rate this work stand, it’s an excellent bit of workshop kit. It might not be cheap but I reckon it’s worth it, especially when as I said before it should last you forever. Feedback Sports do make some cheaper offerings starting at £124.99 (this is their top model), but if you regularly work on your bike then I think the extra performance and features of this stand justify the extra cost. If you shop about you should be able to get it a fair bit less too. Happy spannering…

Price: £249.99

  1. Viv Sweetman

    Yeah but £250 is a bit rich for most don’t you think. I bought one from ALDI last year for £30 and it does exactly what it says on the box ” bike stand “

  2. greasemonkey

    I have that same model, been using it for a year now weekly and its still like new. Clamp is by far the easiest to operate, even compared to pro workstands at double the cost. Highly recommend it!

  3. Kev

    Just bought a stand this week – £29.99 from Lidl. Just the job

  4. greasemonkey

    @Viv Sweetman, It depends on how much you’ll use it and what you are used to using. I work in a shop, and so I’m used to having the best of kit to hand to fix my bikes and wont want anything worse at home really. Its also a case of a £30 stand that is maybe slightly more awkward to clamp a bike in or work at is fine once in a while, but doing multiple bikes a day or in a hurry you really appreciate the little details. Review should have mentioned the tool tray, has a perfect spot for everything and a wash bath, so conveniant!

  5. Leon

    Bike stands are such a good investment , gone are the days of balancing the bike against your head by the saddle while trying to click a shifter to get the gears indexed 😛

  6. paul mounsey

    lidl have them 4 30 quid it does the same as this

  7. Ed

    I’m sorry but you really can’t compare a £30 Aldi/Lidl/Whatever stand with one of these. I’d equate it to someone with little experience who’s only ever ridden fully rigid bikes trying a really cheap suspension fork. They’d probably be amazed at the difference, but anyone who’s tried a better fork would know that it’s worth spending more money on a fork. As I said above though, people seem to have a problem spending money on something that doesn’t make their bike flashier/faster.
    Trust me on this one, if you tried these two stands side by side the difference would be night and day. I have experience of a previous Lidl stand (which a mate of mine owns, and I would be very surprised if it is any different to their latest offerings) and for starters the stability is not a patch on this one, especially if the ground is not level (cos it has 4 legs not 3) and he has already had to bodge several of the adjusters as they either didn’t do the job in the first place or they simply broke.
    Of course I know that not everyone has a couple of hundred quid to spend on a work stand and these cheap and cheerful ones will be far better than nothing, especially if they are only going to be rarely used, but to mention them in the same breath as a stand like the one above is like saying you can get a full suss bike for £99 at the bottom of any decent bike review.
    Anyway, it is of course up to you guys how you want to spend your money, but I can guarantee you that you’ll end up having to buy several £30 ones in your lifetime. Personally I’d rather save up a bit more now and have a far better one that will be much nicer to use and I’ll be able to hand down as an heirloom one day. Oh, and the eco warrior in me also hates buying anything that is just going to end up in landfill.
    Sorry for the minor rant, I just feel that quality of tools is so often overlooked.

    1. Kevin

      Couldn’t agree more. I have never regretted spending lots of money on a product that worked well. I have regretted buying a cheap inferior product that was exactly that and broke shortly after it was purchased. That is when I have felt ripped off. I had a play with one of these the other day and was really impressed. I ordered one straight away.

  8. Pez

    Well said Ed!

  9. Prondrick

    What did feedback pay for that rant. Forget 250 get a lidl and put 220 to workshop costs to let a pro do itat your LBS

  10. Ed

    Nothing, and to be honest I find that kind of comment highly insulting. At Dirt we consider integrity to be priceless, without it we are nothing and so we’d NEVER be ‘paid’ to write something. I’d be amazed if Feedback have ever advertised in Dirt and I’d be surprised if they ever do cos as far as I know they’re a pretty small company.

  11. Feedback Sports

    Thanks Ed, cheque’s in the post

  12. optimus doddsy

    people will probably turn their nose’s up at this but i have a £30 work stand from Lidl and its bomb proof, holds my izimu with no dramas and has a nifty lil magnetic parts tray attached to the upright as well. :)

  13. Prondrick

    Ok fair comment apologies. But aT 250 its steep for your regular punter and puts it in the realm of other excellent workshop stuff tjat doesnt get a mention or comparison. Thats why it felt like an advert

  14. optimus doddsy

    have now read all the rants above and my comment is now void. however, i do work as a mechanic in a reputable bike shop, i do understand the value of good tools, and correct tools for the job, but i do also understand the value of a bargain when i see one, and at £30 the lidl stand does the job at home for me.

  15. Thebear

    I feel for you Ed, trying to do people a favour and enlighten them to the benefits and niceties of having quality gear and you just get insulted and ignored.
    I’m right there with you, good kit is PRICELESS.

    On the plus side, I’ve spotted that the stand is actually MUCH cheaper than the RRP at a certain bike retailer (I’m sure other good retailers exist):


    AAAAAND, they’re doing some 10% off thing until 12/07/12.

    So. To all you moaners, it just got cheaper!

  16. Tepid

    Ed, all the points you’ve made are indeed valid, but you failed to take into accountthe main topic of debate: Some.people.do.not.have.£250.to.spend.on.a.bike.stand.

    Sorry to spell it like that but i just think that neede calrifying.

    I’ll put this to you: Lets say my bike needs an overhaul, and i say needs, not ‘id like to give it an overhaul’ ‘Need’ as in if i don’t, my bike will not work/kill me/kill someone else. Right so i need to overhaul it, but i have no work stand and more importantly, limited funds. What do i do? Do i, as you said earlier, wait and save up £250 because you think i should – which would mean bodging my bike without a stand for a job that requires one.not ride my bike, Or, buy something within my budget or even better, something below the top end of my budget that others seems to rave about as being good in terms of value and effectiveness?

  17. TimBud

    You don’t buy a bike stand for one ‘overhaul’ though.
    its an investment for years of easy self service. Factor in the money you’ll save by comfortably doing stuff yourself and I’m sure you’ll not be out of pocket.

    And I bet this stand will last longer than your bike anyway.

  18. DroppinNeutron

    @Tepid – open your eyes love, the second to last paragraph from Ed starts with the line: ‘Of course I know that not everyone has a couple of hundred quid to spend on a work stand…’

    Sorry to spell that out but i thought it needed ‘calcifying’ or whatever you said…

    Keep up the good work Ed if i want a review of a £30 Lidl bike stand I will toddle on over to SingleTrackWorld

  19. bedders

    I’ve got a RS Reverb on my bike and I find its difficult to clamp the bike round it without risking crimping the hose, this is with my existing stand, which I think is made by Minoura(?). I get round it by clamping round the down tube but this puts the bike right up in the air! I also find the length of the clamp can be an issue with my DH bike where the post is really short (has to be due to the bike’s design). Anyway I just wondered ED if this stand would be better than what I’ve got. Oh, and keep up the good work, the reviews are really good and I like that they’ve a DH focus which isn’t really available elsewhere.

  20. Ed

    I’m glad someone properly reads what I write, of course I know that not everyone has a load of money to spend on a work stand but my point is that I bet there are a load of riders who would happily spend a load of cash on an XTR rear mech when in reality you could save yourself around £100 by going for an XT instead. I bet you wouldn’t even notice the difference and it’s a part that’s going to wear out/get smashed too. Personally I would go for the cheaper mech and then put the money that I saved towards something like this.
    Also, it has always been the case that Dirt has tried to hunt out the best kit, with the matter of price sometimes taking a back seat. We do of course also feature some genuine bargain products that we find, but basically if you want to know about the best stuff then Dirt is the place to find it.
    Oh, and bedders the old Reverb hose thing is a bit of an issue with a lot of stands but this one will certainly be better than your Minoura in that respect. Firstly you don’t have the clamp lever to worry about, and secondly the gap in the clamp can either be set to the front or the back of the seatpost, whereas your Minoura one can only ever be at the front. You could just rotate your seatpost though before you put it in the stand so that the hose comes down where the gap in the clamp is. Oh, and finally the jaw on this stand is 82.5mm long. Don’t know if that’s any better than your current one?

  21. Tepid

    @TimBud: So you wouldn’t mount your bike on a stand for a good going over? Pivots, greaseports, etc? Madness.

    @DroppinNeutron: I really apreciate finding out about great products like this one, so i dont want anyone to think i’m under appreciative of what Ed is doing, i just felt he went on a bit too much and came across a little preachy and maybe lost sight of the very point he had made in his last paragraph – saying that ‘he knows not everyone can afford it’ but then go on to say ‘but personally I…….’

  22. Sam Matthews

    Have to say I’m with Ed on this one. Yes it’s steep but speaking from experience, the amount of times I’ve bust my bike and groaned at having to cough up for a new tool, part, bit of equipment to fix it….but once the next payday comes around you forget about it, and now? I have pretty much all the tools I need to overhaul my bike if and when the time comes. This is an investment. Expensive investment, but an investment all the same….

  23. TimBud

    Shut, do you read dude? I said you wouldn’t by a stand for just one overhaul. You buy it because you intend to do it more than once. So spending money on something that works well and will last makes a lot of sense.

  24. Tepid

    @TimBud: Sorry for the crap comeback but ‘i think its you who’s not reading’

    With that statement you’ve just singlehandedly proved that you don’t understand what this is about. My origianl comment stated pure and simple that its not necessarily about wehther or not its the best, or whether its cheap cosidering how cheap it is, or whether the Aldi one is not worth the money. No. My comments pure and simply stated that although yes, the £250 one is probably more robust, has a better clamp and will last longer, if you haven’t got £250 what do you do? Cry about it? Not bother ever mounting your bike onto a stand? C’mon, some people simply cannot justify spending that much money. And even if the saved up, i doubt they would spend the money they saved on a stand considering that if they can’t afford a £250 stand it probably means they would need to save for other bike essentials like Tyres, mechs, brakepads, etc etc.

  25. Tepid

    meant to say ‘cheap considering how good it is’….

  26. stooky

    Love how robust this looks.

    really dont understand the how you can compair this with lidl/aldi. Its like compairing a lada and a porsche.
    good write up ignore the haters.

  27. TimBud

    But I was never disagreeing or even mentioned what you just said Tepid! 😐

  28. Part Time

    Well, maybe if the rest of us mortals were endlessly swapping out bits of our bikes for ‘product test’ parts that were being sent to us free of charge we’d be more inclined to dig deep for a workstand of this calibre. In the meantime, i’ll make do with my £30 Lidl one for occasional mech tinkering.

  29. Das Bear Juden

    Look like it is the doggs of stands; yes. would i buy one at £250 no. but having owned a £80 stand from Edinburgh Bike Co-op; the clamp needs manually tightened around the tube after being clamped and the legs are to light and unbalanced all of which is a pain in the arse. so i can see the functional benefit of this one. i guess it depends how much you use a bike stand, cheaper options are out there but as i know you loose quality and performance as you spend less, pretty much like most products in MTB. that said i would probably go for this one over park stands if i had money to burn.

  30. Das Bear Juden

    on another note; to be fair to Ed i can see why he would like this stand, he probably uses stands a lot in his line of work. however i do agree that dirt sometimes does overlooks the cost of “new items” (that seem to be continuing to rise each year) and concentrates mainly on the benefits of these new product rather than a cost benefit comparison of new items, which can sometimes lead to the knee jerk reaction we can see in the above posts. my eyes often water at the price of new goods forks for example and the laxed attitude of many reviewers (not just dirt) to the actual cost of these improvements. personally i always buy at discount the previous model or last years version often at 1/2 price of the new ones. most of the time i don’t see the benefits outwaying the costs in such scenarios that’s why i wouldn’t justify the extra expense. so if you can’t justify £250 look to see if there are older models available at a big discount, or wait till this model becomes improved in a few years and buy it then, simples :), like adli like cheaper:) but their whisky is SHITE!!!!! nae argument!

  31. Epic Bleed Solutions

    I agree with Ed and I can back up everything he has said. I have just purchased one of these work stands for circa £200 and the build quality is phenomenal. You can certainly see where your money has gone.

    It is a lot of money but if you buy right you buy once, right?

  32. Vapor

    Have had one of these stands for close to ten years. It looks and functions like new. It is by far the best available, especially for travel and bike washing. Ten years of bike washing and folding and unfolding and not a single issue ever. It is so smooth and quick to fold up and put away. No corrosion from being put away wet. Yeah, kinda like spending £25/year for ten years for a bike stand so far, but i have 40 years or so left, so that brings it down to £5/ year.

    That said, £250! I’m in usa and would pay about 200 usd these days, so 125 gbp, plus taxes 150 gbp? The product deserves attention, but maybe the price does also.


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