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Ellsworth Evolve Carbon | Fresh Produce

Ellsworth Evolve Carbon | Fresh Produce

Ellsworth have always been know for very high quality aluminium full suspension frames, and whilst in recent times some of their frames have featured carbon seat stays, this is the first time that they’ve ever produced a carbon front triangle.

Only the rocker link and the rocker link are now made from aluminium, and as a whole we reckon it looks pretty stunning. Why didn’t Ellsworth go the whole hog and make everything from carbon? Well they could have done but they reckon that their chain stays in particular are so well designed after years of tweaking that using carbon would not have brought any real benefits, yet it would have added to the cost.

The frame is a 29’er which depending on which length shock is chosen produces either 100 or 120mm at the rear. That’s about 5″ in the longest travel version, and considering that it can be built up as light as 22lbs it has the potential to be a very fast bike indeed. Claimed weight for the frame and shock is just 4.3lbs, and it’s happy running a 140mm travel fork, and possibly even a bit longer.

As with most companies who make carbon frames Ellsworth reckon that they’re doing it better than most. Whether that’s true or not is difficult to prove, the proof will be in the riding. With some good looking numbers and one of the most proven suspension designs in the world (Ellsworth’s ‘ICT’ take on the classic 4-bar design) we wouldn’t be at all surprised if this carbon Evolve turns out to be a serious contender. Hopefully we’ll get one to test out, and it’s good to see that Haven, the UK importers, are offering some great build kit deals to help keep the price to a slightly more sensible level. Oh, and it’s available in no fewer than four different sizes, which can often make a big difference to how well a bike fits you.

What do you lot reckon to it?

Price: £2499.99 inc Cane Creek Angleset

  1. Rasheeeeed JamJar

    I’m really not an Ellsworth fan but this bike looks annoyingly sleek. If they did a 150mm travel, 26″ version I’d definitely consider it

  2. Leon

    Normally ellsworths look kinda dated and ‘ out of fashion ‘ when looking at modern bikes in comparison , but this thing looks amazing !

  3. Deon

    I quote Warner

    “uglier than E.T with skin cancer”

  4. Adam Ryan

    Can’t help thinking a 71deg HA and 18.2″ chainstays are a bit behind the times. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the latest crop of longer-travel 29ers.

  5. olive

    Looks like Shrek trying to mount a supermodel…. Yup, it’s an Ellsworth.

  6. Big G

    That’s awesome

  7. gee

    May well be a decent bike., but Ellsworth’s reputation for customer service, and their first ever carbon frame? No thank you.

    1. dv8416

      A lot has changed with Ellsworth regarding their customer service. When they were having issues, it really came down to Tony Ellsworth not wanting to honour many of the warranties. That has changed where Tony is not allowed in the Warranty departments. My LBS has sold many Ellsworth and warranty is no problem when dealing with the company. Another reason why to support your LBS, they will go to bat for you :).

  8. fanboy

    When someone produces a 29er with 16-16,5 chainstays (should be possible now, look what Spesh has done with the Enduro 29), 110-130 rear travel, 67-68.5 HA, then I’m buying.

    This looks cool until built up. The geo ruins it too.

  9. Monkey1

    650b…. With 150mm and proper geo…. I’m in…. Looks fine

  10. Oregon29

    Too bad Tony Ellaworth is such a grade A douche that I would never give a dime to otherwise I might compliment his super active suspension design, though they climb like pogo sticks.

  11. damien

    Is the headtube inspired from Carmen Electra body? I want to touch it, feel the shape, looks amazing.

  12. Naughty

    Looks like a Trek

  13. chris-m

    Nice looking bike. Although, the seatstays look way out of proportion with the frame. You have a nice sleek front end, flowing into the back end, and then you have the chunky “seatstays”, which spoils the theme. Granted, for stiffness, etc, it makes sense, but it’s just me being picky. Saying that though, it does look better as a whole bike.
    Good weight and on par for the price. I’d definitely like to have a ride of one!

  14. Nsnk

    Gee ! Oregon Ellsworth had a bad rep 10 years ago. Thre are countless examples of people who have had fantastic customers service on just about every forum site. There are also thousand upon thousands who never need to test customer service because their bikes were manufactured perfectly.

    The suspension design is old but it’s still as good as the most modern and better than some newer designs. So what if its an old design so is specialised’s fsr and Vpp has been around since the early 90’s

    Oh and I think it’s ugly and beautiful at the same time but that’s irrelevant , how does it ride?

  15. Will

    Looks a bit naughty I’d like to go on a cheeky ride on that

  16. troll hunter

    Chris-m talks pish

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