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DMR 35mm Wingbars and Defy Stem | Fresh Produce

DMR 35mm Wingbars and Defy Stem | Fresh Produce

When Easton launched their new 35mm diameter bars last year they caused a fair old bit of debate. Were they a step too far? Or were they simply a logical step forward? As much as I normally hate new standards I reckon that with bar width increasing they could be onto something, especially because at the end of the day there is no denying that you can make bars stronger, lighter and stiffer if you increase the clamp diameter, and isn’t that what most people are always crying out for with bike kit?

Anyway, we were interested to see if the 35mm floodgates would open, but they haven’t. In fact this 35mm bar and stem from DMR is the only other offering of that size to land at Dirt HQ in almost a year.


At a whopping 800mm wide the 35mm Wingbar Mk3 is 20mm wider than the 31.8mm version, and yet at 325g it also weighs about 20g less than the skinnier bar. Despite the weight saving DMR also reckon this bar is stronger and stiffer, and so when you look at it like that it becomes harder to understand why some people are so against this larger bar size. You don’t even have to pay a premium either as both size bars sell for exactly the same price, as do the stems.

As far as the rest of the shape goes you get 8° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep (so nothing funny there), and you get a choice of 20 or 35mm rise. You also get to choose between this ‘Nickel Grey’ finish or good old black. We like the graphics too, nothing too in your face, and cut marks are provided all the way down to 690mm.


The 35mm Defy stem is exactly the same as its 31.8mm brother, apart from of course the bar clamp diameter. Actually colours are a little more restricted too as once again it’s just a choice of either nickel grey or black, but you do get a nice matching stem cap thrown in. The Defy is only available in a 50mm reach and although DMR reckon it has a 5mm rise we reckon that it doesn’t really put your bars any higher than most other peoples flat stems. The reason being that the stack height of this stem is very low at just 31mm.


Arguably the key feature of this stem though is the steerer tube clamping mechanism. Rather than having the usual couple of bolts at the rear which aren’t very knee friendly this stem has an internal wedge system at the front. This method has been well proven on other stems and as long as you haven’t got a really thin steerer tube (which can get deformed by this style of clamp) it works a treat. The bar clamp is also nice and wide to maximise stiffness, and all the clamping surfaces are well finished and rounded off to prevent damage to any bars. Oh, and the whole thing including the stem cap weighs in at 245g.

Overall then we reckon this is a pretty decent bar/stem combo and as far as we know it’s by far the most affordable way into the 35mm system if that’s the way you want to go. So what do you lot reckon to 35mm? A pointless exercise? Or has this setup from DMR got you tempted to splash some cash?

Bars: £49.99
Stem: £49.99


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  1. Steve

    Love that colourway.

  2. Rick T

    245g for the stem? Is that a typo or is it really about 100g heavier than the likes of a Renthal? Unless a stem cap is 100g…

    1. Ed

      Yeah that weight is correct, and yes it is a bit on the chunky side.

  3. Andy Coumbe

    Bought the 31.8 stem a couple of weeks ago, just waiting to be able to buy the matching bars. Hurry up DMR, I’ve got cash burning a hole in my pocket (before the missus finds it!)

  4. Gabe

    “although DMR reckon it has a 5mm rise we reckon that it doesn’t really put your bars any higher than most other peoples flat stems. The reason being that the stack height of this stem is very low at just 31mm.”

    Sorry what? Are you getting a bit confused there dirt?

    35mm sounds brilliant. Lighter, stiffer stronger! Yay! as long as the tube walls are still a reasonable thickness, especially near the clamping areas? Snapping bars is probably the scariest thing thats ever happened to anyone ever. Id put up with a few extra grams for the peace of mind of knowing im not about to get half a bar inserted into my neck. How are they for flex too? my wrists like a bit of give on those big landings. Assuming those two things dont turn out to be a prob then i reckon 35mm is the future of bars/stems.

    1. Ed

      No not confused, but i thought that might confuse some. Let me explain…the rise on this stem is measured from the centre point of the stack height, i.e. 31/2=15.5mm. Add the 5mm rise onto this and the centre of your bars is now 20.5mm above the bottom of the stem. With me so far? Now assume that you’ve got a stem with a 41mm stack height (much closer to the norm than 31mm) and zero rise. To find out where the bars sit in relation to the bottom of the stem this time you simply divide the stack height by 2 as there is no rise…and hey presto the centre of your bars are once again 20.5mm above the bottom of your stem. Make sense now? Sorry, I should have explained it better before.

      1. hairy

        It was explained enough tbh it wasnt rocket science! 😉

      2. GABE

        Ahh I see! Apologies! There was me thinking the rise stated on a stem had something do do with how much it raised my bar. I now understand that the “Rise” is actually the all important relationship between the centerpoint of my bars and some imaginary floating point halfway up my stem clamp. Silly me. How does this work for direct mount stems? Or do they measure the amount of rise between the bar centerpoint and the top of the crown? That surely is a much more sensible way of doing it? As it actually tells me where my bars are going to end up in relation to my front wheel. Sorry dirt, perhaps I shouldn’t have been so quick to say you were confused. Just using a measurment system invented by someone who was quite confused. I should have assumed there was a strange backward and ultimately pointless method for measuring stem geometry, this is the bike world after all. Inventor of the 26″ wheel that measures 26″ between somewhere near the tyre carcasses and the 20″ frame that measures 20″ from the bb center to the top tube, i mean seat clamp, i mean somewhere between the two….

  5. SM
  6. Rupert

    35mm, or 1 3/8″ bars need a bigger steerer.
    The argument for 35mm bars is a sensible one, but only if it’s applied to the steerer too.
    Onepointfive was ahead of its time. Steerer tubes, it’s time to grow up.


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