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Decade Road Show | Fresh Produce

Decade Road Show | Fresh Produce

The guys at Decade Europe were showing off their latest wares the other day, and here’s a few highlights…

The product that stood out most for me was the new neck brace from Atlas Brace Technologies.

I’ve never seen another design like it and basically I can’t wait to try one out properly. It has no opening system (apart from an emergency one located at the front) so you simply slip it over your head, and once it’s on it feels incredibly comfy. Unlike a Leatt which is designed to be a stiff unit, this brace has flexible parts that sit against your body, meaning it can mould to your shape. The flexible pads also act as a form of suspension to help absorb any impacts, lessening the chance of injury. Forces at the rear are also placed on your shoulder blades rather than your spine. Overall it looks to be a great system which is low in weight, comfy, and competitively priced at £249.99

The brace will be available in black, white, red, green, yellow, blue or orange, and here you can see the rear shoulder blade supports which are significantly different to any other design that we’ve seen.

This shot gives you a better idea of how the front supports are able to flex and move with your body. You can also see the emergency release system at the front (the red dial bit), and you can see the adjustable pads to alter the height of the brace. This is really only for fine tuning though as the brace is available in three different sizes. Like I said before, this looks like it’s going to be a great bit of kit.

Coming in a close second place for my stand out product of the show was this Commencal Supreme 24.

Why didn’t they make bikes this rad when I was a kid? It’s got 140mm travel front and rear, plus there’s some decent kit on it too. So if you fancy spoiling your kid and you’ve got a spare two grand in your pocket then surely this has to be the ticket.

Another bike that caught my eye was this Ramones CrMo.

It follows in the Commencal tradition of low and slack, just the way a fun hard-hitting hardtail should be. It’s crazy though that in this day and age it’s more expensive to produce a steel hardtail than it is an aluminium one. This is the range topping Ramones, with the cheaper ones all having aluminium frames. As nice as those frames are, for me it’d be this steely every time.

The Commencal range seems to have expanded massively for 2013, so much so that we could fill this website talking about them all, but to save that here’s a little video that Commencal have done to summarise the range…

Next up is the bargain FLY Racing Default full face lid.

Great looks, solid and classy feel, loads of graphic options…and all for an insane price of just £69.99!!! If these don’t sell like hot cakes then I’ll eat my hat.

Sticking with helmets we have the long awaited Urge All Mtn lid.

The looks of Urge lids seem to be a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them, but we love them. I think it’s just cos they look so different to everything else, and if the performance of this lid is anything like the rest of their lids then we’ll love it even more. Several colours will be available and it’ll set you back £99.99.

We’re always suckers for a nice pair of goggles…

And 100% certainly didn’t let us down in that department. They’ve got a whole pile of great designs going on and even their entry level goggles felt top quality.

Finally, but by no means least, Royal Racing have massively expanded their range for 2013. They are of course still offering great race kit, but their all mountain/trail range has grown considerably, and as you’ll see below they’ve also moved into two more areas…

Firstly they’ve now got all those little rippers out there covered with an entirely new range of kids stuff.

And secondly the fairer sex can now rock Royal too thanks to the new women’s range. You girlies might be pleased to hear that there’s no pink in sight either!

If that’s not enough of a Royal dosage for you then check out the sneak peak video from the 2013 catalogue shoot in Canada below…


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  1. Adam Cosgrove

    that neck brace looks sweeet!!

    does it cover the CE standards and safety regulations for UK etc?

  2. Matt

    That 24″ wheel Commencal will appeal to Groms, but also to short people who find full sized DH bikes too tall and unweidly. I know a few women DH riders would like a smaller 24″ wheel bike to make it fit them better. They won’t sell loads, but as no-one else makes a serious small sized DH bike they might sell a few.

  3. geebeebee media

    Hey Adam, the Atlas Brace has gone through all the EU-standard safety tests. The guys at Atlas have had the brace out in the North American field for a while now and in June they obtained the CE. The brace should be available in the UK in a couple of months!

  4. GBeast

    What’s happening with Royal? It started as a UK brand with an edgy punk feel but now it’s a bland brand from the North Shore, huh?

  5. Cyrus

    That’s called marketing. You bought into it before, not so much now.

  6. tobey

    @GBeast I don’t think Royal has ever been edgy and punk! hahah. Saw some of the Royal at Crankworx and it sure aint bland some bright stuff in there too by the look of it, pretty well thought out I’m definitely sold on it, better than Sombrio’s efforts for sure. Who cares where its from. Atlas brace looks incredible looks light and affordable, loving that fly helmet too.

  7. peepster

    Royal Punk hahahahaha thats hilarious. I work in a shop and we love the kit the last 2 years have definitely been the best, hopefully our boss is looking forward to stocking our shelves for 2013, can’t wait, green and blue kit for me please

    Urge lid and Royal Turbulence kit on my birthday list :)


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