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Coloured Ti Springs | Fresh Produce

Coloured Ti Springs | Fresh Produce

A few months back we wrote about Bargain Ti Springs from Scout Gregory. He’s now bringing out a new addition to the bargain spring line with some new coloured Ti Springs, guaranteed to bling up your bike!

Here’s what he had to say about the new springs:

Springs are a pretty boring colour, and everyone loves something unique and special on their bike, so what better way to save some weight and pimp your ride!


Springs are available in 6 colours at the moment, with more to come in the future, they are available in 0.25lbs increments from 200lbs through to 450lbs, and 50lbs increments up to 650lbs. This means that every rider can get the correct size/weight spring for their bike.

Coloured springs are made to order with current turn around about 3-4 weeks depending on your location with free postage Worldwide on all orders.

The new springs also offer a more long-lasting finish:

There are no performance issues with the colouring to the springs. The colouring actually makes the spring even more durable as the oxide layer offers protection.

You can buy them at ti-springs.com, they are currently retailing at £150 and are a great way to save weight and add a custom feature to your bike!

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  1. Hoshi

    I’ve always said it would be nice to get a Ti Spring and colour it black like a Steel Spring!

  2. Hans Djob

    Does being coloured add weight? It would seem silly to add weight to a part that was designed to reduce weight in the first place. I a(weight) a response (hahaha to my wit)

    1. Scout Gregory

      Hi Hans

      The weight added is minimal, we’re talking less than 5g!

      Scout @ Ti-Springs.com

      1. gabe

        5g really? didnt expect it to be that much for a coating. how much thicker does it make the spring? and yeh those 1/4lb increments are pretty good of you. must be some expensive tooling you have there….:P

  3. pierre poutine

    1/4 lb increments! Finally!!!

    1. pierre poutine

      … I was jokingly pointing out an error in this release. I’m pretty sure it is 25 lb increments, not 1/4 lb increments.

      1. gabe

        indeed. 1/4lb increments between 200 and 450lbs would be a whoooole lot of springs. and almost impossible to make accurately…

  4. WAKi

    How could you miss out the red colour – do it ASAP and make the rainbow stripes, world champs edition!

    1. Scout+Gregory

      Hey Waki

      Red is a really hard colour to achieve but I’m working on it along with other colours!

      Scout @ Ti-Springs.com

      1. Simon

        HI – I ordered a spring and bearing kit back in October and have not received them – Does anyone know if there is an issue?


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