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BTR Ripper | Fresh Produce

BTR Ripper | Fresh Produce

We first heard about BTR Fabrications when we did this homemade bikes feature on Burf’s super slack DH hardtail. He said then that he wanted to turn his passion into a career, and that’s exactly what he did. BTR’s first product was the ‘Belter’ which was a refined version of that first frame, and we featured it both in the mag and online here. BTR aren’t just sticking with the one model though as this ‘Ripper’ has just joined the lineup and we’ve already seen teaser shots of a full susser that they’re currently working on.

The Ripper is basically a shrunk Belter, designed to be ridden by kids aged between 9 and 13. It uses 24″ wheels and a slightly lighter frame, but the ethos is still very much same, i.e. a super slack DH hardtail. When I say super slack I mean 62°! The frame will be available in two sizes; short and long, and the only real differences to the Belter apart from wheel size are that this frame uses a 73mm bottom bracket rather than an 83mm, and the rear hub spacing is 135x12mm instead of 150x12mm. Even with those changes which bring it slightly more towards the ‘norm’ there’s no doubting that this is still a very niche bike to say the least. That said, it’s definitely one of the more affordable ways of getting your kid into DH racing and there’s no doubt that they’ll learn far more skills on one of these than they would on a full susser. If I was a kid I’d love one, cos I reckon it’s rad.

Here are the full spec’s:

The Ripper is hand built using a combination of seamless 4130 and Reynolds tubing. The same tapered chain and seat stays as the Belter reduce lateral flex and give the same forgiving ride. The head gussets maximise strength and stiffness in the front end, to hold you on your line.

The Ripper features a 73mm bottom bracket, and 135 x 12mm rear dropouts. The geometry is ideally suited to a 100mm travel fork with an axle to crown height of 473mm.

The Ripper features a ZS44 head tube, which opens up options for running 1 1/8″, tapered or 1.5″ forks, or even an offset headset. Full-length gear cable routing helps keep your shifting alive in harsh conditions, and the optional integrated seat clamp keeps things neat and tidy.

Standard Features:

  • Downhill specific geometry
  • 2 sizes
  • Reynolds & 4130 seamless tubing
  • Plain gauge down tube for maximum stiffness and robustness
  • Tapered seatstays and chainstays
  • Sealed frame; No external breather holes
  • 44mm ZS44 head tube
  • 27.2mm seat tube
  • 73mm BB shell
  • 135 x 12 rear end
  • I.S. rear disc brake mount
  • ISCG05 chain device mount
  • Choice of colours
  • Hollow aluminium rear axle

Optional Features:

  • Integrated seat clamp
  • 135 x 12mm Maxle rear axle
  • No chain device mount
  • Custom serial number
  • Custom geometry

2 year limited warranty, and crash replacement policy

Price: £550 (includes standard features and free shipping to UK mainland)

  1. Pat Cash

    A bike for kids to own and dads to ride!

  2. Hancock

    Oh my good golly the four lane Scalextric on their website!
    Forget bikes, want that!
    Ahem, anyway, Ed, how can you be so mean as to tell us about teaser shots of a new FS frame and then not share them? Are you holding out for next month’s magazine or something?

  3. Ed

    If I could remember where I saw them I would share them with you, but I just looked and I can’t find them anywhere…scrub that, I just found them…http://www.facebook.com/BTR.Fabrications

    1. Hancock

      Thanks Ed! Looks like it’ll be lovely when they’ve made it.

  4. No mug

    62deg HA for an 11yr old? Has this guy seen how slow most 11yr olds descend anything that would require this level of stability?

    1. Northwind

      It’s not for most 11 year olds obviously and more than the Belter’s for most adults. But the fast kids can use fast bikes.

      As for affordable- compare to alternatives.

  5. No mug

    Oh.. and affordable? GTF!

  6. Sheila bennett

    My 11 year old has been lucky enough to have the prototype ripper… He has won every race since riding this bike at different tracks, including Aston hill . The BTR boys have so much passion for the sport and the development of younger riders. My sons riding has improved dramatically and his enjoyment of riding also

  7. Burf@BTR

    No Mug… Debatable…

    We got a few 10/11 year old kids to test the mild steel prototype before we released this frame. A few race wins later and we were happy.

    That scalextric track is in my girlfriend’s Dad’s house. We built the bridge at the back for his Birthday!

    Full sus will be finished in the first few weeks of January

    Cheers, Burf


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