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Bionicon C.Guide | Fresh Produce

Bionicon C.Guide | Fresh Produce


If like me you were riding mountain bikes back in the early 90’s then you’re probably now saying something along the lines of “that’s just a bloody DCD”. And for those of you who have never heard of a DCD (Daves Chain Device) then all you really need to know is that it was a shoddy roller thing that attached to your chain stay and didn’t really make much difference to how often you dropped your chain, but it did however manage to turn your bike into a grinding noise machine. It was awful.

With that in mind you can probably understand why I have been trying to avoid getting hold of one of these Bionicon C.Guides, as on the surface it does seem quite similar. I might as well admit it now though, I was wrong to judge a book by its cover. Yes this mounts to the underside of your chain stay, and yes it’s designed to help keep your chain on your chainrings (if you’re using a double or triple ring setup), but apart from that it can’t really be compared to the DCD at all. Well actually I suppose it can…the DCD was shite, whereas this thing really does work.

First things first, it does make a noticeable difference to how often your chain comes off. Secondly it’s incredibly quiet and you really can’t notice any added friction. Thirdly I think it actually makes your bike quieter as it reduces chain slap. And finally it weighs next to nothing (18g if you really want to know) and doesn’t really cost that much either. Would I run one? Yes and no. No if I was running a 10-speed system with a clutch mech (as I think they are even better than this), but yes if I was running 9 speed and couldn’t use a clutch mech.

What else do you need to know? It’s a piece of cake to fit. It can be mounted to your gear cable if that runs under your chain stay, or it can be simply zip-tied directly to your chain stay. And you get a choice of black, red, blue, green, pink or gold finish.

If you’re still wondering what the hell it does and how it works then hopefully this little video will answer any remaining questions…

Price: £35.00

  1. Matt

    So is that an alternative to a chainguide or as well as?

    1. Ed

      I’d say run a proper chain guide if you’re running single ring (and then you won’t need one of these), but if you’re running a double or a triple setup then this works as well as any other system that we’ve tried yet it’s also the lightest and cheapest.

  2. Daire

    Alternative, have one on my Enduro bike, 2×10 clutchless setup and it works great at keeping the chain in place. Very rarely drop my chain now. It can get full of muck and grit and get noisy but it clear after a few minutes

  3. Fin

    Buy’s a clutch mech – problem solved…..

    1. Ed

      As I said in the main post, yeah I’d run a clutch mech but not everybody has the money to upgrade to one. If you’re currently running 9-speed it’s an expensive proposition, whereas in comparison this is a bargain.

  4. Mat

    Clutch mech’s aint enough. If you think they are your not riding hard enough (or your a genius at never, ever, backpedalling mid corner)

    1. Ed

      Beg to differ with you there, but each to their own.

  5. alansicmoto

    Cheap (ish) alternative is just to run a clutch mech with a 9 speed Sram shifter.

    1. mig

      does this configureation work 100%?

      1. no


  6. Matt

    Just eliminate the problem…derailleurs

  7. John

    I remember how all the magazines said dcd’s worked just fine all those years ago and this is clearly the same. I got a clutch mech and it works a treat.

  8. nickyb

    DCD = They weren’t shite!!! They might have been a little noisy. Just a little but they worked!!! Plus the amazing range of anodised colours!!!! Shiny!!!

  9. .some old bloke who actually knows what he's tlaking about

    Yeah, DCDs did work, although, not brilliantly! As almost all mtbs back then used 3 chainrings the DCD needed to have a wide enough roller to allow the chain to move across to the correct chainline in each, problems with dcds occured when the roller started to wear and the chain would tend to sit in the worn portion actually derrailing it off the ring at the first quarter rotation backwards of the crank.
    most folk who bought them just did so for fashion and then when they started to wear and actually threw your chain off they binned them, I sold loads of them but can’t remember a single replacement roller ever being bought.
    Ed – beg to differ all you want, fact is you are wrong! Mat is spot on! Clutch mechs do not tension the chain enough to stop it derailling when backpedalling over rough ground (especially in gear extremes with less than perfect chainline) the only thing that will stop this is a fixed position lower guide/roller

    1. Chris

      Stop back pedaling over rough ground?! You’re just going to hurt yourself.

  10. .some old bloke who actually knows what he's tlaking about

    Thanks Chris.
    Looking forward to your advice on how to stop cranks rotating backwards when you remove your leading foot.

    1. trg

      well said.

  11. Dean

    Im using one of these 1×10 with a clutch mech.


    Had full guide (gamut p20s) with a traditional mech, boshed on a zee mech, far too much friction on a bike that needs to pedal a bit.

    Went top guide only, bike was really noisy and lost the chain (though i was trying to lose the chain), even with the clutch mech adjusted to maximum resistance.

    Put one of these c.guides on, my bike is now quiet again, not losing the chain with minimum resistance.

    What i found with this clutch mech stuff, if you’re used to multiple rings with no form of chain retention, a clutch will quieten things down. If you’re used to a full chain guide with single ring, the clutch makes a little difference but at detriment to pedalling resistance.

    1. Neil

      Sorry, are you saying a clutch mech adds pedaling resistance? I fail to see how that can possibly be true?

  12. Gabe

    Was gonna wade in with a “DCD’s werent shite!” But I see thats been done already. Not really great at stopping deraillment but very good at stopping chain slap. Just like a clutch mech. but a quarter of the price and invented 20 years ago. Yeah they got grooves in and pulled your chain off backpedaling. Until you remove the grooves with a file. works until you go all the way through. DMR Speedguide to keep the chain on. DCD to make it stop clanging away over rough ground. Win!

  13. Dave

    Why don’t we just ban rough ground…. Now stop whinging

  14. GABE

    errrr. i don’t see anyone whinging about rough ground….what comments are you reading dave? or are you infact being serious, and got lost on your way to http://www.iridenothingbutsurfacedtrails.com? i like rough ground. i dont like my chain carving chunks out of my stays.

  15. Dave

    Gabe sell up and buy a bmx > run your chain tight… Hey presto …

  16. GABE

    I already own a bmx. running your chain too tight will destroy your rear hub. i ride it when my mtbs are too broken so i don’t really want to break the bmx too. but hey dave, thanks for trying….


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