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Five quid alarmed padlock that might be good for your shed.

Five quid alarmed padlock that might be good for your shed.

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

What we’ve got here is a chirpy chirpy cheap cheap padlock that makes a bloody loud “chirp” when it’s moved. 110db of bloody loud.

Matt The Engineer from over the road bought this from budget supermarket Aldi for 5 quid this morning.

It’s cheap as chips, but will it protect your…err…chips from…err…a chip thief?

Well I wouldn’t use it as a primary lock, but the 110db screech it emits when disturbed (tell it there is no God) should be enough to alert you to the possibility that some thieving bugger is trying to get in to your garden shed/deep fat frier.

Reliable is it?

We’ll have to let you know about that. It’s 5 quid so we can’t expect wonders. Matt The Engineer will have to give us an update in a couple of weeks time regarding battery life, false alarms etc.

The box says:

Detects shock and motion
Resistant to physical abuse and tampering
Hardened steel shackle and zinc alloy body
Weather and scratch resistant
110dB siren alarm
Batteries included

Beep beep indeed
Beep beep beep.
Aldi spesh
Aldi spesh. We’ll let you know how we get on with it.


It says £8.99 but Matt the Engineer says he paid a fiver. But like all Aldi deals this might only be available for a week or so, though you can probably find something similar on the interweb.

Anyway I just thought I’d throw this out there to see what you lot think. Anyone had any long term experience of using these?

Value for money or waste of time?

  1. Pete

    I got one from ebay and if you hold your hand over the speaker as such it kills the noise… maybe if you got two you might be sorted as you would struggle to cover two lol who knows

  2. James

    Mine stopped working after a few weeks

  3. David

    I’ve been using one for a couple months to lock my commuter bike outside my house. It works nicely and I’ve set it off by accident a few times. When it goes off my hearing goes with it for a few minutes, it’s loud.

    I’d agree with using it in addition to other locks for valuable bikes. It’s adding a bike alarm to your existing locks.

  4. warren569

    I got one from Aldi the other week too as a second lock on the shed. It’s not going to stop a dedicated thief but it’s (hopefully) a good deterrent and will make someone think twice.

  5. bedders

    I used to keep my bikes in a shed and what I used was a cheapo personal attack alarm connected to a short piece of wire fishing line leader, looped at either end with a ferrule. One end attached to the alarm the other to some part of the bike. This system was difficult for a thief to spot with the alarm being hidden and the wire almost invisible. I don’t know if this is any better than the padlock (if the wire was spotted it could’ve been cut if the thief had the tools of could find them in the shed. It was never put to use thankfully, but I was pleased with the bodge. Once or twice I forgot it was there and woke up the neighbourhood.


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