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Eurobike 2012: Bionicon

Eurobike 2012: Bionicon

Bionicon are always a company that like to do things a bit differently and this year is no different…

The whole idea of an electrically assisted mountain bike is something that most riders can’t stand the idea of, but on the other hand there are some people who love the idea. For those people Bionicon seem to have come up with a pretty neat solution that they’re hoping you’ll be able to fit to any bike with ISCG tabs. It’s still at the development stage, but the basic idea is that the motor weighs 1Kg (a lot less than other systems), the battery pack weighs 2Kg, and the system will give you 1 hour of ‘support’. By support they mean that this isn’t a twist and go system, instead it puts in power relative to your own input.

In order to keep the weight of the bike respectable you simply carry the battery in any back pack. It didn’t feel as cumbersome as you might think.

The other thinking outside the box idea from Bionicon was this ‘B-Post’ adjustable seatpost. The unique aspect of it is that it’s integrated into the frame, and as a result weighs just 300g. Again this is just at the development stage, but the idea is to open up the design so that any frame manufacturer can use it. It’s air sprung with a simple mechanical release mechanism, so if it did take off it should be reliable. Of course being integrated does mean that the seat height can’t be easily adjusted. You have to cut the upper part of the post to size and then clamp it in place. Perhaps not ideal, but there are several road and XC bikes with integrated rigid posts that require similar accuracy in initial set up. Is it all worth it for the sake of saving a little bit of weight? I’ll leave you lot to answer that…

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  1. intense4life

    possibly all good ideas, however, have they developed their gearboxes? – i would love to see one of them fitted to an M9, SS2, V10, or even a tracer2. I think the last gearbox i saw from them was on a Nicolai.

  2. willysnow

    These have been made already… they are called MX bikes

  3. WAKi

    No direct pun intended – deeper meaning involved: are we going to see the vid similar to 26er VS 29er, called “EL-MTB VS normal MTB”? Please just for the sake of hearing Box again 😀

  4. Howmuchisenough..

    Willysnow must be up for post of the year… kinda said it all

    I Like a bit of creative thinking but i hope they haven`t spent too much money on developing this…

    Just pedal harder…. Sorted..?

  5. DirtCorps

    I don’t think so willysnow. Have you ever tried riding a MX bike on a DH trail. I think of this concept as more of a “self-shuttle” or uplift the Brits call it.

    1. Will Soffe

      MX bikes have power assisted “uplift” or “shuttle” and you can carry on using the power assist on the downs too.

      Pretty innovative for the 1950’s 😉

    2. Will Soffe

      Oh and as for using an MX bike on a DH trail. It didn’t seem to slow this guy down too much 😉


  6. Josh Kerson

    Nice to see advanced human hybrid technologies coming out to enhance the rider’s abilities. This is where the tech is headed, lighter and lighter, and adding power through the bicycle drivetrain. Check out our new Mountain climber, 750 watts through an 8 speed. It enables riders to be able to ride with the very best athletes in the world, bar none. Check out our Ride the Rockies Stats…Nice to see the development, way to go guys. Hope to see you at the mountain climbing races next year. Peace, Josh K.

  7. JG

    That integrated adjustable post is a great idea. Unlike the battery pack, the post will live on.

  8. Andi Felsl

    If we like it or not, electronics will become a part of our cycling world and we thought it would be good to have a word to say as a company making real mountainbikes with a certain riding performance. We have seen so many groups of people who go out together in the woods to try to enjoy cycling together, but always there is an imbalance between the people in this group. So we thought why not helping the weaker ones with a bit of support to keep them close to the “pros”. In this way we can enjoy cycling together with out friends who perhaps came into the sport lately but have not enough time to spend every day working out. At the same time those people need proper gear to get down the hill again which means a good mountainbike. So we hope electronics help to get more people into the cycling sport as this in return will help to make cycling in the nature in form of mountainbiking a more accepted sport. Result: Perhaps more trails built by authorities;-) pretty simple motivation.

  9. Andi Felsl

    Another one: Why we did not make the B-boxx finally? beause we did not find the proper partner to finance the final development work as well as the toolings. It is our job to start ideas get them to a certain stage and then partner with other companies to get it into the market. Sometimes this works out sometimes not. This time I am pretty sure both in case of the post and the e-ram it will work out.


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