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Continental Rammstein Tyre

Continental Rammstein Tyre

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Rob from Continental tells us more about the Rammstein tyre developed with the Athertons.

The Rammstein should be launched at Eurobike this year (mid July) and be available to buy early next year. Press play on the audio widget below for more info.

Rob from www.conti-tyres.co.uk popped by DirtHQ the other day and told us a bit more about the Rammstein tyre.

Rammstein “Amerika”

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  1. DirtyDee

    I think Gee was running an early prototype of these last year at MSA called the Rim-stein!

  2. billy

    There’s also a seafood based prototype call the RickStein http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01248/rick_stein_1248159c.jpg

  3. jonzo

    Michelin Comp 16 anyone?

  4. Aaron

    Needs a shave.

  5. David

    Aaron… we don’t talk about those tires on the internet anymore. they were terrifying enough to use let alone talk about

  6. punkszar

    looks like a Trek

  7. Trip

    Aaron you’re right. Almost exactly the same as the Michelin. Should be good in that case!

  8. Trip

    Sorry it was Jonzo that said that!

  9. Hancock

    Rammstein? So… err… does it blow up and kill you half way through then?

  10. john

    Yeah looks like a comp 16 they were real good, and the comp 24. Shame they don’t do them anymore.

  11. matt

    deadly name

  12. Scully

    Guys just to let you know the production model will not carry this name, it is just the project name for the development of this particular tyre!

  13. churchie

    How about letting one of us have the chance to come up with a name for the new tyre and winning a pair in doing so? Go on, how about it continental!?

  14. Fred

    They built a narrower tire cause the ruts were maxxis size!!! Seriously! LAMENESS! You don’t see Schwalbe doing that! If it says 2.5 on the sidewall It SHOULD be a 2.5 not a freaking 2.3 (Maxxis). I wished they still made +2.7 tires…Only Michelin still has a 2.6…which used to exist in 2.8 (Comp32).

  15. scant

    tyre companies havent used actual sizing for a long time. a 2.4 nobby nic is only 2inches wide.


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