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Coming Soon: SRAM X01

Coming Soon: SRAM X01

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SRAM will be launching their latest addition to the 11sp range soon. The X01 drivetrain is designed around their “championship-winning 1X philosophy” and promises to be more affordable.

R09 Hardtail from Niner bikes with SRAM X01

At the heart of the X01 11sp drivetrain is SRAM’s X-DOME cassette which provides one of the widest ranges of gearing available, without the need for additional front rings. Similarly to the 1X range the X01 will offer a 10-42t 11sp cassette with a variety of front ring sizes, from 28T through to 38T, to provide a gear range to suit any trail you have the chance to ride.

Niner Bikes previously rumoured they may be stocking new bikes complete with the SRAM X01: “You heard it here first! We’ve got SRAM XO1 on the way! Complete bikes available from Niner with the group everyone has been waiting for… here are the build specs – get yours on order now, this is going to be a high demand group:”

RIP 9: http://www.ninerbikes.com/rip9
Jet 9 Carbon: http://www.ninerbikes.com/jet9carbon
Air 9 RDO: http://www.ninerbikes.com/air9rdo
SIR 9: http://www.ninerbikes.com/sir9

R09 Hardtail from Niner bikes with SRAM X01

In a statement released on 03/06/2013 on TBSM Online Bicycle Store it said: ” Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the group however expect it to sit somewhere around the $1000-$1200 mark. SRAM have confirmed that the X01 drivetrain is to be stocked on several 2014 model bikes which we will see from August this year while the drivetrain group will be available to purchase after market from September.”

R09 Hardtail from Niner bikes with SRAM X01

At the current conversion rate, that should work out about £600-800 in the UK. Here is a list of Dealers for Niner Bikes. If you don’t want to buy the new bike to get your hands on the new SRAM X01 then you will have to wait just a little bit longer, but with the X01 at a slightly more affordable price, it may well be worth the wait. SRAM haven’t confirmed anything yet, but details will be up as soon as we have them.

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  1. Oli Kasicki

    Bit stronger than a rumour then!

    Santa Cruz also have it listed on their Bronson now.


  2. erwin

    what is now the difference between sram xx1 and sram x01???

  3. WAKi

    After spending 3 years on 10sp Sram and Shimano, breaking SLX clutch rear mech, and needing a new one I am off for the 9sp Sram X9 shifter, another SLX s+ and a 6mm thick piece of metal… If I’ll get a bit loaded during the winter I will convert 11-34 9ap XT cassette to 11-38.

    1. WAKi

      What I wanted to say was: 10sp shifts crap already, so no thanks for me. I like it though that XX1 and X01 is here, It’s a step forward, hopefully it will kill front derailleurs. A true innovation, I wonder what Shimano will do.

  4. skud

    my 10sp setup with xt clutch mech shifts perfectly, even in crap conditions


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