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Captain, we've spotted a 2013 product leak!

Captain, we've spotted a 2013 product leak!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Top secret 2013 product news from Shimano, Sram, Fox and more…


Words: Ed@Dirt

It’s that time of year when industry insiders should be keeping tight lipped about what’s in the pipeline, but as usual there’s always one with loose lips. This time it’s these guys www.mountainbike.com, if you want the full details then pop over there, but here’s a brief synopsis…

Shimano: New Saint groupset which will be 1×10 specific, have a Shadow+ rear mech like the XTR one that’s currently available, and the refined brakes will use Ice-Tec technology. No surprises there then. The SLX groupset will also get a makeover and will again feature a Shadow+ rear mech along with some more details trickled down from XTR. Again no surprises. What is interesting though is that Shimano have apparently developed a new mech mounting standard, and there will be a new ‘Zee’ groupset which will be Saint’s cheaper brother. Will that be any more successful than the Hone groupset? And do we really need yet another ‘standard’? Only time will tell.

SRAM: Biggest bit of news so far is that X0 and X9 rear mechs will get a friction damper like Shimano’s Shadow+ design. Great move if you ask me. X0 brakes also get a complete reworking with the added option of a four piston model. Apparently there will be a new Monarch shock too.

Fox Racing Shox: If you were worried about 29’ers complicating things then it’s time to bury your head now cos the rumours are that Fox will be making 650b (27.5”) forks for 2015 thanks to the demand from a major bike manufacturer. Back in the 26” world though it looks like we might be getting 34mm legs as part of a new 150/160mm travel fork, and the 32 will be getting new lower legs. Despite various rumours in the past it looks like the 40 will be staying pretty much unchanged, i.e. no air or upside down version. Oh, and finally their rear shocks will feature high quality Igus bushings that should be much smoother and last longer.

Easton: Cheaper tubeless compatible carbon wheels anyone?

Crank Brothers: A completely new version of the Joplin dropper seatpost which features a remote cable which is fixed to the lower part of the post rather than the head (by far the neatest solution…apart from the internal Reverb option), and flat sides on the inner post to put an end to twisting. Thankfully the post will also no longer lift up when you pick up your bike by the seat.

So there you have it, and there was no point in us trying to pretend this info isn’t out there because it is. What we would say though is that none of this stuff can be guaranteed as companies often shelve ideas right up until the last minute. Oh, and if you’re wondering why companies try and keep all this info under wraps it’s simply because they worry that if you know about some ‘improved’ product that’s going to come out you won’t bother buying the ones that are already in the shops. They’ve kind of got a point too, but considering that the new Saint stuff for example isn’t likely to hit the shops until next summer at the earliest that’s one hell of a long time to wait around in order to replace your mech that has bust.

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  1. simo

    Looks like the bike industry will skip 2015 to realign its calendar perception with the rest of the world.

  2. ed hooper

    God, how can we keep up? Take fox, first we had Kashima, the new FIT, new seals and sometime a 34 series, a 27.5″ and a revised 32’s. And the only fork that does actually need more sorting out has remained unchanged for ages now. Don’t forget a 36 is almost a grand now!
    Shimano have jumped on the bandwagon and done 1X10 DH which I can do without too.
    My point, what is the point in buying the lastest, greatest and at such a high cost, especially in our astute times when it WILL be second fiddle in only 12 months time, or less. I will sit back, enjoy my present rides and see what sticks, or which one of my mates will get away from me on the trails before Im shelling out!
    Sorry, I got a bit heated there! Cheers!

  3. Morgan

    Only one interesting word in there: “cheaper”. How many companies will be using that word in their marketing stratagy?

  4. Can't tell

    I’ve seen the new Saint, I don’t need it, it’s too expensive, but I will buy it lol…

  5. Har-Mar Super-Star

    Cheaper carbon rims, yes please!!!

    10 speed for DH??? What for??? Half a dozen is plenty.

    A dropper post that actually works for more than a week yes please!!!

    29ers, No thanks!!!

  6. Tom

    What is is it with the bike industry, nobody ever tries to be the ‘cheapest’! Its almost as if they’re trying to outdo each othe on having the most outrageous price sometimes! ‘Tweny-six’ pedals for example…£225 quid? They need to take a leaf out of the book of Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons etc and try and beat each other down!

  7. Ollie

    Yaay saint strength witgh added 1×10! Stoked for that! Match it with some new racfeace sixc dh carbon cranks!!

  8. Hancock

    So Shimano have decided the universal mech mounting standard that been around since what? Before most of us were born, is no good and that they’re going to try and railroad it.
    Does anyone know the Japanese for ‘Fuck off Mr Dual Control’?
    Fox 34 26in seems late, at 150mm the 32 has been too noodly for years. No doubt it’ll have a 15mm axle just to annoy everyone…
    Other than that doesn’t seem too bad, new Saint brakes with hinge clamps? Yes please!

  9. Armydhteam (jack)

    If they end up like the big super markets you will get offers such as

    pedals £45 each or £90 a pair

  10. Tom

    i was thinking more ‘buy one get one free’

  11. Mark

    “and there will be a new ‘Zee’ groupset which will be Saint’s cheaper brother. ”

    eh? Isn’t that what SLX is supposed to be (and Hone before that)?

  12. jon

    i think slx is the cheap version of xt and so zee will be for downhill like saint

  13. Das Juden Bear

    more expensive shit that I just don’t need but will probably be forced to upgrade after being brainwashed by bike media mags (bar dirt) into thinking I cannot cope with my latest saint kit as the new one will see me winning the world cup or something. oh but it got to be more expensive that the last model to show it has developed in goodness as that achievement always costs more money right? forget the recession; if you build it they will buy it! its only money kids, just eat super noddles for a year and there you go; new saint group set, yehhhh!

  14. comment posting troll

    Fox dropper post update?

  15. sideways sid

    New products being constantly developed means that a) manufacturers are not just sitting on their laurels and b) this years/last years/yesteryears technology trickles down to affordable prices. I can’t afford the latest kit but I’m glad I’m only a year behind when I need to be. Don’t complain, buy what works for you at the time….

  16. ed@dirt

    Well said sideways sid. Everyone seems to have ignored the bit about SLX getting a load of filtered down technology from XTR. SLX is already an amazing groupset and with additions like a Shadow+ rear mech it’ll just be even better and i am sure it will still sell for sensible money. If none of these companies pushed forward each year we’d definitely be worse off.

  17. Aussie

    Avoid the 1×10 DH hype and buy into the gearbox world – where you don’t have to but a new groupset every year….www.jezken.com

  18. Eoin

    @Sideways and ed

    Yeah new drivetrain products are always good for everyone. I cant wait for damping on x9/x7 derailleurs. But on the other hand, the Fox rumours are terrifying, they are bringing in new diameter tubes (aside: I would love a 34mm 150 travel fork) which means new machinery/tools, seals, lowers, internals(?)… AND 650b which means same as above but with extra marketing cost. A run of the mill Fox fork costs more than a decent hardtail did 2-3 years back, by how much more $$$ is the entire range going to jump?

  19. juansamwell

    I bought a new bike earlier this year. its sick! I spent more money than Ive ever spent before and as a result will be making the bike last me longer than ever before. the new bits on there are a massive improvement over the six year old bike i got rid of. In six years time im sure things will have moved on enough that my next new bike will be tones better again. That said my old bike did mountain off hell, megavalanche, and trips all over the place, and I owned a lot of people on much newer, and theoretically “better” bikes. If you look after your hideously expensive stuff it will last, Im always surprised by shop customers with 5K bikes that dont seem to think they need to wash/oil or in any way look after their ride, then say “oh but it cost me loads it should last longer than that!”

    Ride whatever you want but dont get sold stuff by other people. It stands to reason that if you can afford it, replacing broken or worn parts with better parts will make your bike ride a bit better. But If you cant afford it replace them with whatever you can to get your bike rolling again. ASAP simples.

    If like me you love looking at new tech and nice engineering think of this…. victorian engineering is still really nice, as is the quality of a 90″s hope brake. it will always be nicely made it dosnt have to be new.

    Theres so many people who seem to think “shit now Im gona have to get this or that or my bike will become obsolete”. you dont!!!! your local bike shop can still order most parts to keep a bike from the early 90’s running. Just learn to let your riding speak for how good you are not your new (but actually no better) bike.

  20. Mr B

    juansamwell for pesident!

  21. crispycritter

    Whatever. Riding beats the shit out of saving.

  22. juansamwell


  23. twebeast

    +1 for shadow+ on a 9 speed derailleur.

    Doubt we’ll see it though as SRAM and Shimano both seem bent on pushing 10 speed; and how are they ever going to force us to buy new shifters etc when the existing ones work fine, if they start giving their customers a choice.

  24. Iceman2058

    I don’t care about any of that stuff – when the hell are we getting our 9-36t cassettes??? That’s one new technology I’m more than happy to upgrade to, it will really open new doors (goodbye FD, hello more clearance…).

  25. Brad

    There have and always will be better and more expensive products being launched. It’s what keeps the industry rolling! As mentioned by others, nobody’s forcing you to buy anything. Stop worrying about the recession, and corporate brands trying to milk you. Buy what you can afford and get out on a trail.

    As far as the 9 tooth cassettes go, now that gets me excited. I currently run a 1×9, 36tooth with a 11-34 on my trail bike. A 1×10 9-32 cassette with a 30t front ring would give me a lower low gear and taller high gear! With a smaller chain guide, short cage mech, fewer chain links. MINT!

  26. kimbers

    yay 650b bring on da metric!

    apparently its scott whove asked fox about the forks, but ive only heard a carbon scale version, shirley they have a full suss in mind?

    650b voltage anyone?

  27. Aline

    Yes! Finally someone writes about bicycle clearance.


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