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Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK4

Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK4


Ever since they made the first ‘Penthouse Flats’ Burgtec have had a cult following amongst flat pedal riders, and it’s not surprising. Seemingly indestructible pedals with insane amounts of grip have always been their speciality, and over the years they’ve tweaked the design, and these MK4 pedals are the latest version.


The key difference when compared to the MK3 is that these pedals are a fair chunk lighter and slimmer, but Burgtec reckon they’re still every bit as strong. These pedals are now just 16mm thick, and with a Ti axle they only weigh 377g. Even with the cheaper steel axle they still only come in at 440g. That’s a million miles from the original Penthouse Flats, but crucially these still have plenty of meat in the areas that are going to take a beating.


Burgtec have carried over the excellent, and very vicious pins from the MK3 pedal. Like the rest of the pedal these can take a proper beating, and even if you do eventually manage to snap one off the design means that you’ll always easily be able to remove the remains. The body itself doesn’t have the greatest amount of concave, but because the pins are so long it feels like they have loads.


Burgtec have never been ones to scrimp on platform size and that remains true to this day with these measuring 10 cm x 10 cm. Of course pins and body aren’t the only part of a pedal that matters, they also need to spin, and that’s another area that Burgtec have always been strong on. With this MK4 though they have improved this area even further by using a double bush and single bearing design. They reckon this is their best setup to date, which if true will mean it lasts for ages.

As always these pedals are made right here in the UK and are beautifully finished. They’re almost too nice to go and smash into a rock, but hey that’s what they’ve been made for and they’ll happily go on doing it for years. When it comes to our favourite pedals, these are definitely up there fighting it out at the top.

Steel Axle: £99.99
Ti Axle: £149.99

Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Gold


  1. Gabe

    like vaults. but stronger. sweet.

  2. Red Lar

    me need one for the 2014 ride!

  3. bigmamma

    they look awesome

  4. TimBud

    oooh, they’re cheaper now too.

  5. WAKi

    Those look like they were designed by IKEA, but I kind of like it, a very honest design. Thin flats + 5.10 changed kicked SPD ballerina squad in the butt big time, but a tricky thing with them is though that it gets tricky to make them so they hold well. I’d wait for a dozen of reviews before I’d buy any of the kind. Watch Spank Spikes or Superstars for instance

    1. trollolol

      youv`e an opinion on everything havent you?!
      What exactly have you found to be wrong with both superstars and spanks? 1st hand experience? 2nd hand knowledge? or 3rd rate shit talking?

  6. Optic

    Tempted to start running flats again for a bit just so i have an excuse to buy a pair

  7. I hate 5:10s too.

    By MK6 they might finally manage something as good as an HT nano and a price that isn’t completely taking the piss.

    1. Gabe

      What you’ve said there is basically the equivalent of “TVR might finally make a car as good as a Kia Cee’d at a price that doesn’t take the piss” Well they won’t cos Kia’s are reliable but essentially cheap tiawanese factory crap, while TVR’s were flipping awesome. Yes cheap far eastern factories make some good stuff nowadays, but how much R&D do they do? very little. So if all the companies that ACTUALLY spend money on R&D go bust cos people are saving their pennies by buying far eastern rip offs, it will be a dark time for cycling in general as companies stop risking spending money on R&D and instead just offwer the same old crap in a variety of pretty colours. Oh wait. Thats already happened.

  8. jan-ie

    I’d have this pedal over any other, best there is! cant wait til payday


    FLAT PEDAL THUNDER!! only pedal worth running!

  10. Tom smith

    Axles snap too easily. Given up on these after owning a pair of mk1.2&3

    1. Gabe

      The axles snap? Then I must ask how long you ran them bent for without bothering to do anything about it? Or with worn out bearings or something. Cro-Mo axles don’t just go from fine to snapped unless there is something really wrong. If you really are that big/heavy on the bike/doing massive gnarly jumps, then try Odyssey JCPC’s. Don’t be put off by the fact that they are plastic. They have metal pins and the axles are pretty much indestructible.

  11. Dingo

    Tom Smith very much doubt it, there hard as coffin nails

  12. Hoodis

    I have to agree with Tom, both my axles snapped within a year of buying them, nothing wrong with the bearings or anything. Easily the least reliable pedals I’ve used. Burgtec were very good with sorting them though…

  13. Gabe

    Interesting… Think I may owe Tom Smith an apologuy. Having just had a look at a pic of the mk3 axle I reckon I have a pretty good idea of where I think they would be likely to snap. Could you tell me where yours snapped, just to confirm if im right? TBH I have bought 1 item from Burgtec in the past and I doubt I would ever buy off them again, but really did believe that penthouses deserved their solid reputation. After looking at that axle I am less sure. Was it designed by an engineer or a child with some crayons ?I wonder?

  14. Hoodis

    Both my axles snapped at the narrow part where the nut threads onto it. Shame as they are unbeatable in terms of feel and grip…

  15. Gabe

    Yeah, right next to the 90 degree bend where the axle steps down from massive to tiny in one giant step I should think. Hopefully the Mk4 axle will have had a bit more thought put into it….I really want to like Burgtec, but they do make it hard sometimes


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