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Burgtec Enduro Stem

Burgtec Enduro Stem

It seems like if you’re going to release a new product this year it has to have the word ‘enduro’ in the name. Regardless of the name though, this is a stem that we’ve been waiting ages for.

At the moment all we’ve received is the press release and photos below, but as soon as Burgtec send one in the post to us (hint, hint) we’ll let you know if it’s every bit as nice as we reckon it’s going to be…

Burgtec Launches The Enduro Stem

Burgtec’s long awaited Enduro stem has finally landed just in time for the 1st Round of the Enduro World Series this weekend in Italy. The Enduro stem is the first product in the Burgtec Enduro range and has been designed, developed and tested over the last 12 months.

The Enduro stem provides key technical features which will benefit Enduro and aggressive Trail riders.

The Enduro stem clamps uniquely in front of the steerer tube. The smooth and clean back of the stem is a key feature we wanted to incorporate from the initial stages of design.  Doing this we were able to eliminate a shortfall of the standard design making the impact of a knee strike less painful.

The demands of the new breed of Enduro rider means components need far more strength than traditional ‘XC’ style designs can offer. The precision made stem gives the rider confidence to use wider bars for extra stability for negotiating the toughest descents. Through extensive research and various prototypes we found that a stem with a larger clamping area on the steerer tube yielded far more strength so we incorporated this into the design. Cosmetically, the larger clamping area tidies up the cockpit allowing you to ditch those unsightly stem spacers. It matches perfectly with oversized head tubes and tapered forks that are prevalent on modern day Enduro and All Mountain frame designs.

The Burgtec Enduro stem has been machined from solid billet 6061 T6 Aluminium, so despite weighing in at only 165g, its inherent strength will give any rider confidence even when riding the most extreme trail. This Enduro stem is specifically designed to complement the acclaimed Burgtec RideWider bars and the new Burgtec RideWide Carbon Bar. This offers riders a best in class setup.

The Enduro stem is now available via www.burgtec.co.uk and local Burgtec stockists. RRP is £74.99

Burgtec Enduro Stem Features

  • UK designed and made
  • Material is 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Smooth behind for less damage on knee strikes
  • Eliminates spacers for stack height
  • Decorative Laser engraving

Stem specification

  • Colours:  Burgtec Black, Race Red, Deep Blue and Kash bronze
  • Rise: 0º
  • Bar diameter: 31.8mm
  • Reach: available in a 50mm and 60mm
  • Weight: 165g / 175g

 Burgtec: 01782 510 777

  1. Hancock

    Typical Burgtec brick shithouse design philosophy then, I like!

  2. Joe

    Just looks like one of those ancient royal racing stems. But boxier.

  3. Gabe

    “Eliminates spacers for stack height”
    Unless you want your bars higher. In which case you have to use spacers. Somewhat like a normal stem.

    “A best in class setup”
    What class is that then?

    “Cosmetically, the larger clamping area tidies up the cockpit allowing you to ditch those unsightly stem spacers.”
    Can you quantify exactly how much prettier my bike will be with no unsightly spacers? Oh wait…just remembered I don’t actually care.

    Seriously tho, I like the massive steerer interface. Nice and strong. Yay. Just go easy on the marketing crap will you?

  4. Where's my damn flux capacitor?

    Wow! a 1995 AZONIC shorty stem copy with a whole 3mm MOAR stack height! How very 2013! can’t wait for their “ENDURO” Lounge seat copy

    Gabe, if you hate Marketting bullshit so much how on earth did you fall for the “Massive steerer interface” line? this style of internal clamp (which is nothing new) doesn’t have a “massive” steerer contact area, it actually has less contact area than a twin bolt at the rear split clamp design of the same stack height and not only that, it relies much more on steerer tube/clamp tolerances to attain it’s grip on the steerer as the clamp is not open.

    When did anyone last hit their knees on a stem clamp?

    1. Gabe

      Indeed. I really dont like these internal clamp type stems, twin bolt pinch style is just the best. Couldn’t really be arsed to get into that argument as some fanboy would probably get all overexcited about how safe his knees were with this one. I was referring more to the fact that this stem is really tall, and so less punishing for the steerer tube than a stem with the same clamping system but reduced height. (and kinda looking for something/anything nice to say, after slagging off their marketing bs.)

    2. Gabe

      by the way, I think I’ve got a flux capacitor lying about in my spares box somewhere if you’re still looking? Needs a bit of work, looks like some idiot hooked it up to a lightning rod or something. £30?

  5. John-Boy

    Very Pretty with nice clean lines, best get one ordered

  6. Digger

    My bullshit detector has just gone off the scale and I’ve just had 1997 on the phone asking for their stem back.

  7. J-dub

    Press release’s are always a bit sickly from anyone. Stem looks nice and definitely one of the nicest looking stems around. Haters usually mean a good product

    1. Gabe

      that “haters” part may or may not have been aimed at me, but I’d like to say I’m not hating this stem. I don’t really like the clamp system. I do hate the marketing crap but as you say many press releases are the same. It does bug me when ppl think just cos someone points out something they think is a flaw, they must hate the entire product, the company that made it, the ppl that work there and their families. Thats not the case. I quite like Burgtec really.

  8. Johann

    Haha, communication…. “only 165g”. Well sorry but it’s really not in the light category.

    And we’re not gonna comment on the name, Dirt did it already.

  9. fanboy

    Looks old, chunky and is heavy. How can a 165/175g stem be labeled Enduro?


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