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Devinci Wilson Carbon Frame | Bike Check

Devinci Wilson Carbon Frame | Bike Check

Finally! The last item of the Dirt 100 in the office?

The Devinci Wilson is the bike that dominated the last round of the world cup and is now in-house, and it’s just as beautiful in the flesh as it looks on paper. A confidence-inspiring 216mm of travel at the back is provided by a Fox DHX RC2 shock, and there are some beautiful details in the carbon down tube guard, the custom mud protector on the seat stay, and even in the cable guides. Have a look at the Devinci Wilson carbon frame below!

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  1. Down n Dirty

    Stunning frame

  2. Siress

    Re: Pic 9/11 Who cut that? WHO THE @#$% CUT THAT? Who’s the slimy little communist s***, twinkle-toed c***sucker down here who just SIGNED HIS OWN DEATH WARRANT? Nobody, huh? The fairy f***ing godmother cut it.

    1. Deon

      What the hell are you on about

      1. Oz

        Think he’s talking about the cable guide?

  3. james

    Siress – You need help dude.

  4. Big Bird

    @Siress You do need a chill pill. But it is strange. It really looks like someone took a hacksaw to it. Perhaps it’s a pre production swingarm that’s not meant to be ridden? I’m more interested in picture eleven. Talk about a light front end and a low center of gravity.

  5. dirt dodger

    that is a nice colour scheme, very nice very very nice bike.

  6. Mr B

    It’s just dawned on me that this is essentially a GT RTS! Albeit updated a litle bit 😉

  7. rusty

    @Mr B – Haha, minus the pedal feedback!

  8. dim

    hot frame,thou still afraid of carbon :))


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