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Bargain Titanium Springs

Bargain Titanium Springs


We got an email a month or so ago from a guy called Scout Gregory and to cut a long story short he’s a 19 year old who’s recently moved with his parents to France from Gloucestershire and after a bit of previous bike wheeling and dealing he decided there was a gap in the market for sensibly priced titanium springs…and so being the entrepreneurial type that he is he decided to start up a business to fill that gap.

He gets the springs custom made from high quality grade 5 titanium and because he is getting them straight from the factory and selling them direct to you his prices are pretty much half of what we’ve come to expect. As he has only fairly recently started out he doesn’t have every single length and weight in stock, but he is offering a deal whereby if he doesn’t have what you want in stock you can pay £50 up front and then the same again upon delivery, which saves a tenner off the usual price. He reckons the longest you should have to wait is between 3-4 weeks so it’s not that long anyway.

With the springs being available in 25lb increments you should be able to get your suspension exactly the way you want it, plus as well as springs Scout is also selling spring bearings, Igus bushings, carbon headset spacers, and Marsh Guards. Everything is posted worldwide for free too!

So if you’ve currently got a coil shock on your bike and are running a steel spring then we really reckon you should think about upgrading to a Ti spring as there’s the potential to save a whole pile of weight (maybe even half a pound) without any drop in performance. In fact many argue that Ti springs actually work better than steel ones. You’ll find it hard, if not impossible, to make similar weight savings for this kind of money.

Price: £110

  1. kris

    And what about Eclipse tubes ?
    “After all, many riders are prepared to spend large sums of money on shaving off relatively small amounts of weight, often with performance compromises, whereas these tubes shed a fair old chunk off in the most important place and might even offer a performance gain.”@DIRT, Dec 12.
    Any update on long term tests guys? are they worth the money?

  2. Tony

    hands down the best upgrade for any bike.

    Not only saves weight but looks factorytastic!!

  3. Fin

    Titanuim springs – do not perform better – a spring is a spring.
    They are lighter – yes
    They are also more accurately wound, a steel spring can be up to 10% out – so your 500lb spring could be in actual fact a 550 or a 450.
    Ti springs get rated and measured after they are made and are usually only + or – 2% out . Quite often they’ll be marked in pen on the end – the exact poundage..

  4. fanboy

    If anyone has bought one – pls report if you received it, size and if possible – weight.

  5. Tom

    fanboy – I pre ordered a 400lbs x 3″ for my Evil Undead, weighs 356g. Arrived in stock on time and great customer service :-)

  6. nojzilla

    got mine,was gonna wiegh the difference but got too excited an just put the fkr on! makes a steel coil feel like a horrible lump of sht that shouldnt be any where near a bicycle. well worth the £ and the wait for a vivid spring to be made. now we just gotta convince the guy to make fork springs HINT HINT 😉

  7. Hank Stamper

    Yes. More ti FORK SPRINGS, less steel! Put an end to air, please.

  8. Scout @ Ti-Springs.com

    Hi guys

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m not sure there is the demand for Ti Fork Springs but I will look into it again for sure!

    Scout @ Ti-Springs.com

    1. Jarno

      One hard = 5.5N/mm Marzocchi 888 2012 Ti spring for me please! Thank you.

      1. Jarno

        Whoops. Hard spring is 6.5N/mm not 5.5.

  9. Ben

    I’d buy a ti spring for my lyrik.

    Hate air.

    1. Oliver

      Hi, can you write me the fact of your lyric ti spring?

      Regards Oliver

  10. Ben

    Also, develop a ti spring and assembly for the new Pike fork….with an avy damper stuffed in it, it would be the ultimate enduro fork. There’s got to be a market for that 😛

  11. Jarno

    Got 3.5×325 lbs/inch for CCDB in three weeks. That was 2 weeks faster than promised. It was the preorder type deal. The payment was easy and handling the order was fast. Thanks Gregory

  12. Johan

    Took the 50 now 50 later deal, got it as promised. Great customer service, he anwered my emails really fast.

    However, i am a tiny bit disapointed, I bought a spring to fit my CCDB which it didnt. Had to file down the inside of both ends of the spring. Not a major deal but when I want to put on some bling I want it on yesterday;).

    Would buy there again for sure.

  13. gee

    Are these wider than standard springs? Would like a 275 for my Makulu, but clearance is very tight

    1. Scout @ Ti-Springs.com

      Thanks for the great feedback guys!

      Gee, I have had a few customers order the 36.5mm ID spring for the Morewood Makulu bike, and no one has mentioned any issues about clearance, so you should be fine to go for the 36.5mm ID spring. If you’re running a Fox shock, I can get you a Fox specific 35mm ID spring made, you will certainly have ample room for this.. just let me know either on Facebook or via email..

      Scout @ Ti-Springs.com

  14. Eric

    Got mine faster than I thought I would.
    450lbs X 3= 376grams
    Scout is very easy to deal with.

  15. nojzilla

    I’d happily pre pay and wait for a fork spring to be made. Only problem i could see is the amount of different forks out there. Perhaps do one of those facebook poll things to see how many peeps would buy?

  16. Angus

    So what kind of weight savings are there? Different places say different things. Mine would be for a big 10.5 3.5 shock.

  17. Ian Collins

    Hey Scout…another fan here, got my spring from you a few weeks back and I’m super stoked… Renton is far more expensive at dealer cost than your springs are at retail….out of curiosity, who is your manufacturer? and how on earth are they doing it at such a low price?

  18. Simon

    HI – I ordered a spring and bearing kit back in October and have not received them – Does anyon know if there is an issue?

  19. Gary Williams

    Did you order a pre made spring or one that needed making? Ordered mine in mid October and received it end November, there is time yet.
    Had a few issues with mine but scout was straight on the case and it’s all resolved within a few days, great service.


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