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60 second sell with Forcefield Body Armour

60 second sell with Forcefield Body Armour

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Stuart Long from British company Forcefield Body Armour popped by the Dirt office with a pack of biscuits and a couple of Forcefield products. While we ate the Maryland Cookies, we pushed Stuart in front of the DirtTV Shopping Channel camera and started the countdown clock for his “60 Second Sell”.

While you might not have heard too much about Forcefield Body Armour in the MTB bubble, they’ve been around since 1998 and are huge in two wheeled motor sport with some of the world’s best riders using their kit.

All their armour is fully CE tested and certified by testing specialist SATRA so you’re in safe hands if you do take a tumble. Again. And again.

Anyway we’ll tell you more about Forcefield and how we get on with the Zeus knee pads and Pro Shirt body armour later (I can tell you straight away that the biscuits were spot on).

But for now here’s Stuart in the “Rabbit in the headlights inducing 60 second sell”.

Zeus Knee pads
Zeus Knee pads
Forcefield Pro Shirt
Forcefield Pro Shirt
Biscuits.They needed protecting.

Forcefield Pro Shirt Body Armour £189.00
Forcefield Zeus Knee Pads £TBC



  1. Mkpepps

    Does a leatt/atlas etc neck brace fit with the boby armour

    1. Ali@Dirt

      I asked Stuart this, and he says it does work. They considered doing a cut-out for a neck brace, but didn’t as it would leave you exposed if you didn’t wear the brace for once, and neck braces are different shapes, etc… So just add a spacer into the neck brace for the extra width and run it over the top, he says.

  2. Rob Osbourn

    I’ve been using the Forcefield Zeus knee pads, sportlite back protector and ,for about the last 4 or 5 months, the pro shirt. Up If anyone asked, up until a month ago all i could have told you is that its all very comfortable, lightweight and breathable compared to 661 and raceface armour i have used before, then i had big come off riding one of the short downhill tracks at swinley forest, I think i hit stump which stopped the bike instantly throwing me first agains a tree and then down where i landed on the point of my shoulder. Okay i didnt get up and run around, i did have a little gas and air fuelled jaunt in an ambulance, but the crew though i had broken my shoulder and potentially won of my vertebra, but thanks to the armour which spread the blow around i got away with 3 cracked ribs and a lot of bruising. I am just 40 so i dont bounce as well i used to but i can highly recommend this stuff if like me you’re occasionally not going to look where your going : )

  3. ddmonkey

    Key question – how hot is it to wear? I worry that compression vest type body armour is going to really hot, is that right?

    1. Chuck

      Taken from the Forcefield website:

      “The Pro Shirt’s armour is removable and built into a shell made from BeCool™ a unique fibre that has a greater diffusive area than standard fibre; this ensures high levels of breathability and comfort. During exercise the unique shape of the BeCool™ fibre means it acts like a fan extracting hot and wet air away from the body and replacing it with cool and fresh air.”

      BeCool is a baselayer designed to provide all day comfort and keep the user cool when exerting. All products are designed to allow maximum airflow, in order to prevent the rider getting really hot.


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