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Dirt 100 2010: TRAIL 160MM TREK REMEDY

Dirt 100 2010: TRAIL 160MM TREK REMEDY

James Renwick James Renwick

The Trek Remedy for 2010 is pretty dialled. It has been refined since its introduction to the market a few years ago. It descends with confidence yet retains its ability to whip along singletrack and go uphill like a bike with half of the travel. The active braking pivot (ABP) keeps the suspension working through the chatter and the linkage is pretty efficient at dealing with anything the trail throws at you. We’d put this up there as an ideal bike for the Megavalanche and similar endurance downhill events.

From £2,300.00 to £5,000.00
Trek 01908 282 626



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  1. remedyman

    Back end is 150mm and not 160mm

  2. Carla Gout

    2010 Enduro woops it.

  3. noco

    2010 Remedy?
    It´s only available in the castrated version 150mm rear/front
    For mega dh I´d prefer the new Scratch

  4. Chuck Morris

    If only they’d last more than 6 months, great bike though just a bit fragile, hopefully the carbon will be better than the Alloy one!

  5. Mat

    32’s???? Why? Frame is super stiff and rides sweet, but the 32’s dont match up. I didnt buy one this year because of the forks.


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