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Suspension: ROCKSHOX ARGYLE 409

Suspension: ROCKSHOX ARGYLE 409

James Renwick James Renwick

Suspension: ROCKSHOX ARGYLE 409

There are a few dirt jump specific forks on the market, but these are the ones that we reckon you should spend your hard earned cash on. Every aspect of the forks, from the 4130 Cr–Mo upper legs to the damping, has been designed for the purpose, and you can tell it too. The thing that makes them stand out from most other dirt jump forks though is that RockShox haven’t just thrown half the worlds metal supply at them in order to make them survive bad landings. Instead they’ve put some thought into it and produced a fork that can still take the hits and weighs in at just a smidgen over 5lbs. The air spring in this particular model obviously helps the weight, and because it’s proved to be just as reliable as the coil version we’d recommend it every time. The 409 also gives you the opportunity to internally adjust the Flood Gate threshold, which could be a worthwhile bonus if you like to run your forks almost rigid apart from when landing. All three versions can be set with either 80 or 100mm of travel.

Price: £399.99
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