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Suspension: FOX RP23

Suspension: FOX RP23

James Renwick James Renwick


In our opinion the Fox RP23 rear shock has done more to improve the performance of mid travel bikes than any advancements in frame design. Its performance is nothing less than outstanding, providing a buttery smooth and controlled ride even on long alpine descents. We’d even go so far as to say that it outperforms Fox’s own, and more expensive DHX Air. Apart from its excellent performance we also love how easy it is to set up and adjust. Once you’ve got the air pressure set and the rebound tweaked all you ever have to think about is the magic blue lever. This can be flicked in an instant to provide either a fully supple ride with zero Pro–Pedal damping, or one of three levels of Pro–Pedal which you select beforehand with the dial in the centre of the blue lever. Once you’ve found the level that that suits you and the bike you’ll probably never touch the dial, so all you have to think about is occasionally flicking the lever when climbing. If you’ve got a mid–travel bike without one of these shocks you should seriously consider upgrading, but just make sure you discuss with Mojo about the correct compression and rebound tune for your needs.

Price: £319
Mojo 01633 615 815
www.mojo.co.uk FOX RP23


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