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Rolling Stock: STAN'S NOTUBES

Rolling Stock: STAN'S NOTUBES

James Renwick James Renwick

Rolling Stock: STAN’S NOTUBES

In our eyes this is simply a genius bit of kit. It allows you to turn pretty much any standard rim into a tubeless one, and it’s as simple as a rubber strip. The added bonuses are that thanks to the magic sealant it also allows you to convert standard tyres into tubeless ones, and because the tyre actually seals to the rubber strip ‘burping’ is far less of an issue than with a UST rim. Admittedly there are a few rim/tyre combinations that don’t work too well, but these are few are far between, so we can forgive Stan’s for that. It might seem a little pricey for not much more than a couple of rubber strips and a bottle of goo, but when you look how much cheaper standard rims and tyres are compared with UST ones then you’ll soon see the potential savings. Just make sure you get the right width strip for the rims you’re running.

Price: Kits from £50
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