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Rolling Stock: HOPE PRO 2

Rolling Stock: HOPE PRO 2

James Renwick James Renwick

Rolling Stock: HOPE PRO 2

Hope hubs are something of an institution in Britain, and rightly so. The fact that they’re made on home soil is great for a bit of patriotism, but it also brings other benefits. Ignoring the fact that these hubs are as good and as light as you’ll ever need, the main reason why we love them so much is because of the customer support. If you need
any spare part they’re pretty much guaranteed to have it in stock, and even if they haven’t they’ll just machine one by the next day. To top all that off you get a range of colours to suit everyone, and every axle size option you can think of. You’d really have to be looking at buying a truly incredible set of hubs to justify discounting a pair of Hope’s from your shopping list.

Price: From £50 front and £120 rear
Hope Technology 01282 851 400


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